AutoIt Error Line 15140 in svchost.exe - MSI GeForce GTX 1060, ASRock H110M-DGS, i5-6500, Win10 PRO

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    I have a bothersome problem with the error shown in the photo.
    AutoIt Error Line 15140 in svchost.exe - MSI GeForce GTX 1060, ASRock H110M-DGS, i5-6500, Win10 PRO
    The message appears cyclically every 30 minutes. I have no idea what it might be caused by.
    I am asking for help in solving the problem :D .
    My computer includes with:
    - MSI GeForce GTX 1060 6GT OC 6GB graphics card
    - ASRock H110M-DGS motherboard
    - HyperX Savage DDR4, 8GB, 2400MHz, CL12 memory
    - SilentiumPC Vero L1 500W (VL1-500) power supply
    - Intel Core i5-6500 processor
    - Seagate 1TB 3.5 "SATAIII, 7200RPM, 64MB cache (ST1000DM003) drive
    - Windows 10 PRO
    Thank you in advance for your help :D .
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    I suggest scanning the computer under linux - probably a virus
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    IT specialist
    ASC to zbedny program, czesto powodujacy problemy, jak zareszta wiekszosc badziewia od IOBit, czesc instaluje sie jako "darmowe" dodatki do innych programow.

    Advanced SystemCare 10
    Driver Booster 4.4

    Obok frst.exe utworz plik Fixlist.txt z zawartoscia:
    ContextMenuHandlers01: [Advanced SystemCare] -> {2803063F-4B8D-4dc6-8874-D1802487FE2D} => C:\Program Files (x86)\IObit\Advanced SystemCare\ASCExtMenu_64.dll [2016-09-20] (IObit)
    ContextMenuHandlers02: [Advanced SystemCare] -> {2803063F-4B8D-4dc6-8874-D1802487FE2D} => C:\Program Files (x86)\IObit\Advanced SystemCare\ASCExtMenu_64.dll [2016-09-20] (IObit)
    ContextMenuHandlers04: [Advanced SystemCare] -> {2803063F-4B8D-4dc6-8874-D1802487FE2D} => C:\Program Files (x86)\IObit\Advanced SystemCare\ASCExtMenu_64.dll [2016-09-20] (IObit)
    Task: {3971554F-2FF6-4784-B636-7DC17291DDC9} - System32\Tasks\Opera scheduled Autoupdate 1476794099 => C:\Program Files (x86)\Opera\launcher.exe [2017-06-27] (Opera Software)
    Task: {3BE2E6C7-A387-43A5-8D48-02A55BADE964} - System32\Tasks\{F5D5B45A-1239-4F82-BF92-D1741154C507} => pcalua.exe -a "G:\Program Files (x86)\The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Legendary Edition\SkyrimLauncher.exe" -d "G:\Program Files (x86)\The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Legendary Edition"
    Task: {48B0616C-B70F-46CA-A3C1-92B3A6959EAF} - System32\Tasks\{85613F73-2C1C-4DD1-A884-BB4B1FF63B94} => pcalua.exe -a L:\DirectX\dxsetup.exe -d L:\DirectX
    Task: {557BDEAF-8BD5-48E2-A117-3BAF7C1D1E55} - System32\Tasks\Driver Booster SkipUAC (Admin) => C:\Program Files (x86)\IObit\Driver Booster\4.4.0\DriverBooster.exe [2017-05-03] (IObit)
    Task: {56057EB1-FD6E-45B3-A223-3419DDAB6D1D} - System32\Tasks\{9EC6F08C-3C53-44D2-ADF2-7BD269BB9430} => pcalua.exe -a J:\gothic_ar.exe -d J:\
    Task: {6658369F-2FE6-4293-9914-8AE0872927F9} - System32\Tasks\System\SystemCheck => C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\svchost.exe [2017-05-18] ()
    Task: {81659789-C09D-4663-87F6-3A375B058A5E} - System32\Tasks\Driver Booster Scheduler => C:\Program Files (x86)\IObit\Driver Booster\4.4.0\Scheduler.exe [2017-03-28] (IObit)
    Task: {B9213A23-0246-4E1C-A478-E7CAFDD7B318} - System32\Tasks\ASC10_SkipUac_Admin => C:\Program Files (x86)\IObit\Advanced SystemCare\ASC.exe [2017-05-31] (IObit)
    Task: {E1B26EF1-9B9A-409D-982C-020E90130010} - System32\Tasks\{84C0C90E-5B13-4AB3-A6CA-2B731871C2F6} => pcalua.exe -a "D:\Program Files (x86)\HD Publishing\Joint Task Force\jtf.exe" -d "D:\Program Files (x86)\HD Publishing\Joint Task Force"
    Task: {F8993782-5FC9-4C8D-A4A2-96032D7EED82} - System32\Tasks\{DC7CB492-ECFF-4636-8429-E43276625FC0} => pcalua.exe -a "D:\Program Files (x86)\Age of Empires III - Complete Collection\data\aoe3x-102-polish.exe" -d "D:\Program Files (x86)\Age of Empires III - Complete Collection\data"
    2017-05-26 13:10 - 2017-05-18 02:10 - 03185152 __RSH () C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\svchost.exe
    () C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\svchost.exe
    HKU\S-1-5-21-2690809394-750227157-1232656638-1001\...\Run: [Advanced SystemCare 10] => C:\Program Files (x86)\IObit\Advanced SystemCare\ASCTray.exe [3924256 2017-05-17] (IObit)
    GroupPolicy: Ograniczenia
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    Thank you for your help, the method helped. Problem has been solved :D