HC-550M photo-trap does not send mms

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    I have a problem with a camera that does not send mms. I configured in accordance with the instructions (at least I think) but still do not want to send these photos to the phone only the SD card appears on the card sd ERR_LOG I will add from the sim card in the camera I use Nju Mobile.
    I will be very grateful for the advice. Thank you in advance. Regards Jarek HC-550M photo-trap does not send mms

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    APN in the trap you have typed?
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    Did you solve the problem with sending mms from the hc550m photofauge, I send it once and once I do not, I have no idea. SMSY It does not have a problem.
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    Unfortunately not. Mi does not send SMS or mms. Can you write how you configured it? and in which network you have a sim card Thank you in advance for help. Pozdraiwm
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    I have settings for tmobile / heyah, plus, play, orange. Sam, I have a card in the play and mms once come once and not ok, I have a 6v battery connected to the camera (the batteries have pumped out the moment), the friend has a hc300m tmobile and laughs nicely on the batteries. I still have to try another tmobail and the Play subscription card. Setting the time of taking pictures does not work at all, it takes pictures as it wants and sends mms and e-mail.
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    Does anyone know where you can download the new software for the HC-550M camera,
    I downloaded the HC-550G to the 15 button remote control and installed it, unfortunately it does not send mms, the color change in the pictures is more pink, I can not operate the 7 button remote control, it does not respond to the commands sms outside * 520 * command. I wrote to the producer that he gave where he can download the software, on their throne is only corrected to the HC-300M.
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    TELE112 wrote:
    Czy kto¶ wie gdzie można pobrać nowe oprogramowanie do kamery HC-550M


    HC-550M & HC-550G Old Version Firmware( SN number before 2017.5 )

    HC-550G & HC-550M Firmware Ver.20180403

    There are 3 steps to proceed system upgrade:

    Step 1: unzip and copy the FWR801.bin to a new TF card and insert this TF card into your camera.

    Step 2: switch from OFF to TEST, there is red LED keep flashing about 15 seconds, then camera screen will light up.

    Step 3: delete the FWR801.bin from TF card(format sd card or connect to PC via usb cable to delete), then switch TEST to OFF and restart camera.