Berlingo 2009: Faulty Window Control, Broken Wire & Ineffective Telecoding - Seeking Suggestions

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    The fault started so that, regardless of whether it opened or closed with the button (window control when running) the window was going down .....
    Now the left window driver does not react (I found one broken wire and I did not change anything), the right one goes down no matter what the position of the switch ... after connecting the left motor to the right the same reaction ...
    In the planet, it is not possible to control the windshields (there is no such choice ...) can only control the rear windows that are not?
    I've done telecoding and nothing helps!
    Maybe some suggestions ....
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    Window switch on "elastics"? If so, check the switch board for damage. Wash thoroughly with acetone / nitro, indifferently and check the reaction. And if the glass does not work at all, then do a reset, unplug the battery or the door controller for a while ...
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    Well, unfortunately I did it .... clean erasers even skipped them and then lime ...
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    I don't know if it will be useful, because another car, and I would probably not know how to check the control of these relays / module - probably already from the buttons :) , but that I saw there 2 post, it is https://www.elektroda.pl/rtvforum/topic1283523.html
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    This is a completely different matter ...
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    As befits a Frenchman, it is probably resistance control and BSI rules. I may be wrong but probably not. If I'm not mistaken, measure the switches as they state. Tester doesn't show commands?
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    maybe the water got on the plate bsi I had such cribs in 307
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    kortyleski wrote:
    Tester doesn't show commands?

    I can't understand that I don't have windshields at Lexi ????
    In tests and in the preview there are only the rear ones, which are physically missing ....?!
    I did the coding for "panel van" and "sedan" were the only possibilities and it didn't work ...
    The customer has it from the news and it used to be good ....
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    Meter and see what happens at switches and at BSI itself. switches have resistors inside?
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    Some time has passed since the last entry ... my Berlingo has the same glitch and I wanted to know if the problem was resolved?
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    Peugeot Partner 2011 1.6 HDi .. Problem with the left window
    When pressing the window button up, the glass went up, when pressed down, the glass went up !!!
    Cause: frayed wiring harness between the door and body (broken thin blue cable from the window motor)
    You have to remove the door to fix it and get a new set of clips for the plastic door side, because almost all of them are broken.
    best regards
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    Citroen Berlingo III 2013 1.6 HDi .. Problem with the left window.
    For me, the glass only worked downwards. After opening, each movement of the window switch caused the window to go down.
    6-wire elevator motor. Broken green wire from the bundle.
    Remove the rubber from the bundle between the bodywork and the door. Unplug the harness plug and repair the broken wire.
    It is not necessary to remove the door.

    A colleague led me.

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    I had the same fault in Berlingo Van 2015, the green wire was also broken.
    I fixed and checked and now the connections from the main cube of this harness to the engine cube are working.
    Unfortunately, manipulating the button does not cause the window motor to work.

    Before I started the repair, I heard a relay clicking on the left side. When I tried to "track" it by operating the button, after some time it stopped responding.

    Where can this relay be placed? in the engine?

    I also measured the voltages on the motor cube. I have mass and constantly fed 12 V on the middle pins. On pins 1 and 6, whether I press the up or down button, 12 V is fed to both pins at the same time.

    Is there any other control module somewhere?