How to connect home cinema + decoder + TV set

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    How to connect a home cinema and decoder, so that there is sound in the home cinema watching something on the nc + decoder. My connection now is the cinema is connected to the tv with hdmi cable and the decoder with the tv also with hdmi cable. I do not know how to connect sound from a home cinema decoder. Please help.
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    Try Euro-RCA (chinch), Euro to decoder, chinch for home cinema on AUX IN.
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    Is not everything connected via the HDMI cable? If not, I would give RCA from the set-top box to the cinema and DMI to TV. Do not you have an optical entrance?
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    Of course, I gave one possibility. So far the author is silent :) .
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    I realize that my topic has been duplicated, but I have followed a lot of forums and can not find an answer to my problem. I would like to always hear the sound through the front speakers of the home cinema, regardless of whether I watch TV or eg. I listen to music from the Youtube application, embedded in the TV, or film uploaded on a pendrive.

    My equipment is:

    TV- LG 49SJ810V
    Orange decoder - Samsung ICU 100
    home cinema receiver - Onkyo T-NR656 + Pylon sapphire 25 speakers

    I connected the decoder with the receiver using an HDMI cable (I inserted the HDMI cable in the BD / DVD socket)
    I connected the TV with the receiver (in TV to HDMI IN ARC No. 2, and in the receiver HDMI OUT MAIN ARC)

    I changed everything in the receiver as it should be, i.e. I switched on HDMI-CEC and ARC is on AUTO, I set the TV on optical input / HDMI ARC, SIMLINK is on.

    In such a way that television would work, I have to change the cable on TV to HDMI 1. I do not know what to do?

    I am asking someone for help, I called the music store, in which I kicked the speakers and the receiver, to Mediamarkt for the hotline and the LG hotline and no one can help me ...
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    @ Iwan07
    Iwan07 wrote:
    In such a way that television would work, I have to change the cable on TV to HDMI 1.

    There is a rule when connecting devices when using the ARC function.
    Any external decoder, BR / DVD, etc. Connects to the TV.
    The TV controls the audio flow depending on which input has been selected.
    Also in this case the decoder should have been connected to the TV .

    Also just in case, please check the SimpLink settings on the TV.
    Please make sure that HDMI CEC and ARC are set to work with the Onkyo amplifier.

    PS Energy was not enough to start your own topic?
    And why duplicating your entry - I noticed the same entry in a different topic ...