Volvo v50 - does not fire the steering lock

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    Volvo v50 2007r 2.5 petrol auto does not start after the key is not heard, unlocking the steering wheel lock, I immediately say that the complete column has already been replaced, the car came three days and died. Any ideas??
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    It looks like a problem with the ignition. Exchangeable thing
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    I put the ignition key on, but I do not hear the unlocking of the steering lock, it does not lock or unlock

    Added after 54 [seconds]:

    There is a sound of relay from the vicinity of the steering lock and that's all

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    The ignition must be programmed ??
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    Comfort module kaput .... Regards
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    akamix21 wrote:
    Comfort module kaput .... Regards

    can you specify where the module is located and in the number provide a link to the photo?
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    v50 2007 1.6d
    gentlemen, the same problem fell a few days ago. earlier there were no problems in this regard. gray ignition switch (supposedly revised versions) and sits there rather with novelty. the lock bolt from the beginning in the car - 2007 2007 bolt.
    the machine fires randomly, I put the key almost every time the info on the lcd "ignition key" again, if I pop the ignition sometimes comes the message steering lock-service something like that.The car sometimes fired randomly and it helped tapping into the bolt housing. Today, the bolt disassembled from I obviously have a sound relay from under the mask but nothing happens.

    Is it possible to briefly check it out of the car - a 4pin car with pin1 in the bundle empty - unused.

    in what way this pin moves under the black cover is not about the metal that comes out of the center of the metal case. (photo not of my authorship)

    if I buy a stimulant of such a module, I will add it to the car with a computer, any workshop or should I go to aso, what fair costs of such a surgery? whether adding this module must be online or offline can also be.

    how can I check to exclude the ignition, I have a gray kind of some versions already corrected.

    maybe someone from the vicinity of Katowice can sell something from this topic. the ignition switch - if it has also died.
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    Stacyjke musiować się ?? [/ quote]

    from what I've learned is not. you only need to add the locking module from the steering wheel.
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    somebody knows whether it is possible to add a lock to the car, now want to re-assemble with a new section or remove the lock completely from the car's software.
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    Upload a photo of the electronics of this blockade.
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    tolo wrote:
    Upload a photo of the electronics of this blockade.

    foto of this blocking module. microswitch + relay is on it. o no, as for a replacement photo from tyco for a number that I know and is already ordered to solder and exclude its fault.
    the part number I have in the car is p30793893, can someone tell me whether or not such a module will come, for example with s40 or c30 junior year np 2012 (I have 2007), of course, after copying the memory. in aso they told me that they only program a novelty so logic can also be added, in aso probably sell those with pure memory and milk 500zl for uploading / adding or as they call it. I have to buy, for example, No. 2 XO NUMBER P30776153
    1 X P31202262
    but I do not know if it will come up and I can not find info on it. someone can suggest?
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    does someone know if I will give another plate with a different number from v50 and copy data from an old scream to this other one will surprise me?
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    I can sell the steering lock because I have to volva v50
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    subject already settled in volvotech. You can give the emulator 60euro, or the novelty at 900zl. I have not had the opportunity to check emualtorow. same locks you can buy at the price of scrap I bought 30zl with the whole gear from the side of the cabin. programming itself (as if connecting to the server) is expensive.
    In my case, the old block is not known to the end or it fell electronically, because the mechanism after opening did not look damaged, it was also possible to copy data to another blockade, exchanged relay, microswitch prophylactically. Unfortunately, either we have made a mistake in these activities or it can not be done, I will not solve it now. In any case, the use of it is not worth buying, if someone gave the drug from another car and cheaply programmed it terminates.
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    I did it and it flares, this relay A303 hangs on the board, it costs 20 zlotys, it exchanges and it goes without programming. The old one can not be programmed, in the sense from another car.
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    Hello, if you want to get around it is enough in the fuse box in the engine compartment to cut one wire to the relay coil and give it a red mass with a black belt. Enters the cube for the fuse box in the engine compartment.
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    dawid6964d wrote:
    Hello, if you want to get around it is enough in the fuse box in the engine compartment to cut one wire to the relay coil and give it a red mass with a black belt. Enters the cube for the fuse box in the engine compartment.

    Hey, could you please describe in more detail what is going on? The blockade then stops working? Once again, my car immobilized (blockade jammed in the open position and blockade error message, you can not fire the car, you hear several times the locks when pulling out and inserting the key - tried to surprise, but something was jammed). Undermining plastics, half an hour of knocking and pounding directly into the blockade and finally caught, blocked and from then on blocking / unblocking again. I would like to definitively resolve this.