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[Solved] - QUAD 150ccm - no spark, new CDI module burnt

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    Yours faithfully, a new purchase - used quad E-TON 150cc 2003. During the ride, at some point it started to interrupt / choke and after 10 seconds it went out. Fuel is flowing to the carburetor. After being towed home, he fired immediately. We drove again, I drove calmly and the same situation. We towed away again and it didn't fire anymore.

    Due to the lack of the candle key, I disassembled and I cleaned the carburetor but it was unchanged .
    The battery was weak so I connected the second "cable" to try to turn the starter.
    I changed the polarity by mistake once - it sparkled.

    I finally got the key to the candle and the first ring - the candle was half open .
    I twisted it, it was wet .
    I put it to the engine, I turn the key and the spark is constantly (continuous spark, like a stun gun), no matter if the shaft was spinning (kick starter) or not.

    I found that the module is damaged. I bought the cheapest on ebay that had "DC" in the description (after checking the quad diagram). The plug does not fit, so I connected "sharp" the appropriate contacts (according to the topic "Module pinouts ..." connected here). I attach a charged battery, turn the key, kick it and no spark, no reaction. Well, maybe a flawed one happened.

    I looked for another one with a suitable plug and a more expensive one. http://www.ebay.de/itm/321898248923
    I reassembled the plug just like it was originally. Checking the wires with a meter to be sure.
    The resistance of the pulser to ground is about 130 ohms, some changes on the display appear when turning the shaft.
    I did not connect only one cable from / protection against firing in reverse /.
    In the diagram below it would be connected to ground on the right side of the plug.
    I checked the module with a meter and there was a transition between these two contacts from ground.
    On the right side of the plug, I left the contact above the power supply as it was originally, i.e. + 12V after pressing the brake lever (STOP light).

    BANANvanDYK wrote:
    Kymco Agility, also Giantco Sprint (4T):
    - QUAD 150ccm - no spark, new CDI module burnt

    After connecting the battery and turning the key, nothing happened. After kicking the kick, the main 15A fuse shot.
    Was it a cause or just a matter of time?
    Now, after turning the key, the module (flooded with mass) hisses, so it is probably damaged.

    Installation scheme:
    - QUAD 150ccm - no spark, new CDI module burnt

    Please help me, I'm out of ideas.
    Even now I thought that maybe the auto choke module is making a short circuit on the coil wire.
    It was only with two fuel tanks that I drove a quad bike, I did not even have time to register it.
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    Make the ignition (spider) installation new outside the quad.It's just a module, coil and pulse generator. Connect to the battery and you will know what and how.
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    It got warmer so I returned to the topic. I didn't want to risk another module, so like you advised I started spider turn. I connected the module itself, ground, power, then the pulser and nothing happened. I measured the coil and according to the instructions, the resistance was correct, but the cap itself was damaged. Maybe the old one has a break between the windings, I think so I ordered a new one, connected it and it works. :D I connected the installation (without the two wires to the module) and it fired. The cap in the new coil fell apart immediately (it held the candle poorly and broke when bending the spring) so I bought NGK as it was originally with the 5K resistor. Thanks for the help. :)