LOVATO N emergency lighting fixture - red LED

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    I warmly welcome,

    I have a dozen LOVATO N emergency lighting fittings on the managed facility (model: LVNC / 1 / SE / AT). Every year on the anniversary of putting the building into use, the LEDs of all luminaires begin to glow red. Currently, three years have passed, so the manufacturer's recommended battery replacement period (every 4 years) has not yet passed. I am asking for advice on how to bring the luminaires back to normal operation.

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    LOVATO N emergency lighting fixture - red LED

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Why don't you contact the AWEX manufacturer :?: happy to help with problems.

    Check if there is a small TEST button on the disc

    Trafaret wrote:
    the battery replacement period recommended by the manufacturer (every 4 years) has not yet passed

    I wouldn't suggest that hardly anyone formats batteries according to the manufacturer's instructions.

    - A technical inspection of the fitting and especially the battery should be performed once a year.
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    In HYBRYD I had a "battery failure", "monitoring system failure" (m-bus).
    I read about yours and I was intrigued by the "self-test" (optional).
    Were you looking for something about this?
    Maybe the "damn thing" demands an annual review?
    What / how do you clear this error?
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    Locate the 3-pin screw terminal block marked as A, B and the inverted T (i.e. the screen) on the emergency module. For a few seconds you need to short A with the screen with any wire. The module must have L, N and battery connected.

    /best regards