Decoder HORIZON UPC reviews notes

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  • Level 17  
    Hello, I have been a UPC customer for two months and I am a user of this wonder which is the HORIZON decoder. Vectra provided me with many years of signal, so I have a comparison. This decoder is a total misunderstanding, I will mention the cons compared to the Vectra decoder.
    1. has only one favorite collection, without the possibility of editing.
    2. linguistic version only with a teacher. Vectra gave the opportunity to switch off the reader and was the original version with subtitles.
    3 in the film descriptions, there is no such important information as the year of production and the country of production
    4 as I am in my favorite collection, it often switches itself to general and you have to enter the menu and change it. I was in the living room but I know nothing I did because I just have a miracle. I am writing this message because I wanted to warn you in the case of changing or selecting a supplier for this issue, because if I knew it, I would not change it for sure. I am asking for opinions, or for suggestions on how to withdraw from the contract, but it probably can not be done and you have to bother with this g ... em.
  • Level 23  
    You need to advertise, maybe you can change to another one or demand that the decoder satisfy yours
    expectation. After complaints, you may try to terminate the contract. It also depends on how this contract is written. For terminating the contract, you may request contractual penalties.

    Regards, Miro
  • Level 17  
    hello, unfortunately, as I wrote the company I have only one decoder model, it's a bit strange. I got such an answer in the living room, or maybe I got such an answer to the unassigned one. Perhaps you should report a complaint in writing? I am asking for an answer because I am saying that the decoder's work depends on the software and if you could eliminate some of them by changing it, I mean the amount of your favorite collections. The disadvantages of which I am writing for sure will not stop everyone from interfering with the simple reason that they can not create their collections, but I know such cases very much.
  • Level 8  
    Hello, unfortunately, also made me happy with this decoder, not only that on watch, he takes 25 Watts are continuous pendants which causes that I have to reset the entire decoder to factory settings.
    I was replaced twice by the new equipment, irritated I also wanted to give me an old decoder, but as the service says it is not possible.
    And you, the client, should pay and cry and constantly get nervous that the next day will not start.
    I forgot to mention that it completely suspends the TV, although I do not know how it is possible.
  • Level 10  
    Is there any hidden diagnostic menu with signal parameters that can be forced from the user level?
  • Level 10  
    Unfortunately, this decoder has one more disadvantage, when I took it to the test it went all right after connecting. It can not be connected to the home cinema. The HDMI connector cuts the sound. The only option is to connect directly to the TV and you need to use optical fiber for the cinema.
  • Level 17  
    For me, there is already the third decoder, that is, on average, one lasted for half a year, the HDMI output is damaged which results in the lack of image and sound. The last one fell when he closed the fuse after a short circuit in the hair dryer. Please, save us from UPC and their set-top boxes. And I write not only from the above problems but also that I imagine that this dragon is resting 17W , and in a deeper 14W sleep condition, super performance ;) . After the 100% declared period, I am finishing my adventure with UPC.