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Condenser dryer with heat pump, can it be transported horizontally?

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    Hi, I plan to buy a condenser dryer with a heat pump but for logistical reasons I have to
    transport it horizontally (auto station wagon) and I wonder if such transport can somehow damage the dryer.
    I asked on the Bosch hotline but they only replied that vertical transport is recommended.
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    Home appliances specialist
    Hello. Most likely, it can damage the compressor that is inside - A heat pump dryer has a similar structure as a fridge and its main element is a compressor with oil which is quite delicate. In my opinion, better not risk it. Regards
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    in the manual for beko DPY_8506_GXB1 I found info:
    "We recommend transporting the dryer in position
    vertical. if
    transporting the device in position
    vertical is not possible, we recommend
    Tilting the dryer
    her to the right when viewed from the front. "