[Solved] Speed Limit Issue with Netia Optical Fiber WiFi - 100mb, Modem, Router, Samsung S6, Huawei Mate 9

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    Hello for 2 weeks I am the owner of the Internet from Netia 100mb fiber for this gave a modem plus a black WiFi router from Netia whose speed is limited to 20mb some cable without restrictions 98mb speed checked on Samsung Galaxy S6 and Huawei Mate 9 and tv box sunvell. How to increase wifi speed or change WiFi router to tplink?
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    Hello. You signed the contract for 100Mbps? What router model did Netia give?
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    Yes, the contract for 100mb as I wrote on the cable from this router is no problem is 98mb / 96mb only wifi lime distance from the router 2metry not saying what a lime in the other room walls thin lack of reinforcement gives a screen router.
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    And Netia SPOT so advise you to replace the poor Wi-Fi range these routers have and is an option with a limited bandwidth.
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    Network and Internet specialist
    Ask your operator if you can have your router.
    This tp-link is a poor choice
    look for something with wi-fi AC and maybe with gig ports, because if you increase the option to e.g. 300, then exchange again,
    Proposed Netis AC1200 WF2780, Tenda AC9
    Price-your budget issue
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    What is the distance from the router? Detached house or flat in a block of flats? Make a scan with inSSIDer or WiFi Analyzer on your phone and upload screenshots here.
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    Distance from the router 2metry housing estate test I will do the next week on a business trip

    Added after 2 [hours] 21 [minutes]:

    Ok purchased router netis ac 1200wf 2780
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    I connect to the topic I have a similarly connected net fiber with Netia router + modem. Router in my parents' room and I have a hotspot for wifi around 5 meters in a block of flats They promised max 100mb and today I'm pulling 30 mb. I have a Realtek RTL8723BE Wireless LAN 802.11n PCI -E NIC in my laptop
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    I am in the same situation (PON and 100 Mb + TV) - I want to exchange Netia Spot for Xiaomi 3g with preloaded Padavan.

    Were you able to replace the internet router with an alternative router?
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    Changing the router to 5ghz wifi and after a problem