Best Home Multifunction Device Under PLN 300: Canon PIXMA MG3650 vs MG5750 & Alternatives

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    I need to buy an MFD (printer, photocopier, scanner). The equipment will be intended for home use mainly for printing various types of documents. First of all, I care about reliability as far as possible because in the last 15 years two such devices have broken down, although they were not heavily used, and also on consumables, i.e. that the cost of toners was not too expensive compared to other devices.
    As for the budget, I could allocate up to PLN 300 and the equipment interested me Canon PIXMA MG3650 and Canon PIXMA MG5750 but due to the fact that two multifunction devices have already dropped out (bad luck do they have it?) that the service did not want to repair because it did not pay or parts were not but for this you pay for the cost of expertise from 40 to 60 zlotys so again it will not be it was worth repairing and that's why I'm thinking about buying a cheaper device.

    What do you think about my Canon proposals, and what else do you propose? Is there anything better in this price range?
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    Krzysztof Druś
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    I give up I suggested several printers were to be good cheap in operation up to PLN 300
    I gave 3 models that I know and know how they work, but they do not answer in terms of the lack of guarantee that it is to be new.

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    Hp B110
    Hp B111

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    HP DESKJET 3520
    Hp Photosmart 5514
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    But stupidity is food.
    MFP is a general term for multifunction devices, it was good to understand this term when writing about printers.
    HP, if anything, often uses the term All in one, but it doesn't have to be written either.
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    Krzysztof Druś
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    So how do you know each other so please advise the author to buy up to PLN 300 so that it would be cheap to use the printer, photocopier, new scanner and still with a 2-year warranty
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    Whatever HP with a scanner will be good (heads with ink, in those with permanent heads fall extremely often). 15 years - I don't know if it's achievable, a matter of chance, the quality of workmanship has long gone to dogs and you can't do anything about it. My PSC 1410 survived 15 years and it still works. But it won't be cheap in operation. I do not know if it is possible to buy new, durable, cheap to buy and use at the same time. HP is not cheap to operate, but it is relatively durable.

    EDIT> My error - given by a colleague HP have a built-in head. Maintenance (ink) cheaper, but the death of the head is a serious economic problem. And this is the scourge of today's printers.
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    I cleared the topic of posts with little or nothing to add to the case.
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    what do you recommend today ???
    home use (cheap inks)
    because my brother dcp-115 finished
    maybe already wi-fi
    thanks for the help :)
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    How much can you spend to buy? What print outlays? Cheap inks are the head in the printer, and this means that if it falls and the equipment after warranty, the repair will exceed the value of the device. Do you accept this solution or do you expect something permanent?
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    I think about PLN 300 (whether to wait and spend more) I would like it to be cheap to use, I occasionally print some document from photocopying or printing (usually not :D )
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    I recommend the Epson Xp-245 or XP-342 on eternal inks + bottles
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    How are these eternal inks mounted? Where is the best, cheapest to buy?
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    I think it's the cheapest to buy a device with eternal inks installed on the auction site.

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