C4 Grand Picasso II - Refill eloys fluid for FAP

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    Hello all. Help me please, where in my toy car we add liquid to the FAP filter. How much it enters there, what exactly is this liquid and what should be done after refilling it. In addition, I ask for info, where in Diagbox will I find the procedure for burning the filter?


    Citroen C4 Grand Picasso II
    2.0 HDi 150 Bluehdi 2015 year
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    The tank is under the car at the rear in front of the right wheel. Fluid enters about 3l but you can also add only 1l. Before you buy and add liquid, I advise you to remove the tank and see what exactly is in it. Although after the year it will be rather powerflex eloys.
    As for the firing and service procedure associated with adding liquid, look for yt.
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    And how can you be sure about the fluid? Do they have any colors?
    This bag can easily be removed, nothing will happen?
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    There should be a fluid type sticker on the container. If you are lucky, maybe they will give you VIN after the showroom. However, they gave me something different than the tank sticker said.
    The supplement is simple. In the set you have a bottle with a tube and a special adapter. You need to connect it and hang the bottle upside down so that it is higher than the tank. Now you wait a few minutes and it's over. You connect a computer, indicate that the liquid has been refilled and after the case.

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    I should be fine with it. Just tell me where in the program I will find the tab where this refill will show. And one more thing, many people write about forced FAP burning, and I can't find it in the program for any treasures.

    Added after 12 [hours] 3 [minutes]:

    Either I'm blind or you won't see such a tank. I removed the cover and there is no bag or tank between the wheel and the tank. And what now?

    Added after 1 [hours] 28 [minutes]:

    C4 Grand Picasso II - Refill eloys fluid for FAP C4 Grand Picasso II - Refill eloys fluid for FAP C4 Grand Picasso II - Refill eloys fluid for FAP C4 Grand Picasso II - Refill eloys fluid for FAP

    I only found something like that, but under the cover and the left wheel.
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    Does anyone have a patent on how to enter a computer refill?
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    See here: https: //www.youtube.com/watch? V = hb0A-YyZHvQ
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    Unfortunately, but this is the procedure in Grand's first generation, in the second it is blocked, only the service.