Bosch SPS53E02EU dishwasher - error E19. I am looking for transistors or substit

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    Good day.
    I will complete the model as soon as I can :) It's probably the SMS series was (with the control module at the back bottom right) In any case, a solenoid valve burned in a water jacket and transistors (in SOT223 housings) went with it:

    Does any of your colleagues have such and even dismantling? Or though he is able to give the idea to a more available replacement. It can even be in a different housing.
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    Colleagues are looking for a transistor STN83003 . Has anyone already found / ordered and can sell it? Is a replacement MJE13003 will it be right?
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    _prusak_ wrote:
    Will the MJE13003 replacement be right?
    As best as possible, put it in a bold way.