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    Is it possible to upgrade SSD in this model?
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    After all, the set includes a 128GB SSD.
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    There are three versions, 32 Gb, 64 Gb and 128 Gb. Unfortunately, I have 32 Gb and it is weak
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    You can probably replace it, you just need to disassemble the equipment.
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    How factual it is. The question is for those who know.
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    You have it in front of you so what do you expect? That we telepathically undress him for you?
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    Your answers are extremely factual. Thank you, but neither I nor the others, possibly interested, need such. I am asking because I do not know whether it is possible in this model, whether the SSD is not soldered or not an integral part of the motherboard. As for what the equipment is under warranty, I will not start it if someone knows that it can or not. If it is possible, I will do it, if not, I will not disassemble the equipment.
    I am not stupid and I know I can check, but such a test may cost me a loss of the warranty. So I ask those who know if it is possible, because in previous models spin 1 sp111-31 it was possible, and here I did not find info anywhere at Uncle Google. So before you start commenting in the "probably" type and lecture about the obvious, do not write, because it does not help anyone.
    Have a nice evening.
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    If it's hard for you to enter an interesting phrase in Google, what responses do you expect?
    https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-...grade&oq=acer+spin+1+sp111-32n+ssd+&gs_l=psy- ab.3.0.0i22i30.2899.7845..9234 ... 0.0..0.178.751.0j5 ...... 0 .... 1..gws-wiz ....... 0j0i71j0i203.D-oacSfh33Q
    By the way, instead of crying now that you don't have space and the equipment is under warranty, you had to think BEFORE you buy it.
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    well, that you have gone so interesting after this link, smart guy? Did you find info about the 32n version?
    But to lecture you are the first ... Eh, it's a pity to talk.
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    andypodean wrote:
    I am asking because I do not know whether it is possible in this model, whether the SSD is not soldered or not an integral part of the motherboard.

    Welcome. The original "SSD" - it's actually a flash memory card soldered onto the motherboard. The SSD wheel it didn't really lay, I wonder why some people don't call it by name eMMC, they just write SSD (it's about sellers' offers). The exchange is probably possible if you like and know how to solder BGA chips. Generally, without tools for this, assume that "SSD" is non-replaceable.

    However, it is worth seeing if there is an M.2 slot on the disc, then there would be a chance to add a normal, correct SSD disk.

    The best way would be to disassemble the laptop - it doesn't look very difficult with this model and - as long as there are no visible seals - it probably won't interfere with the warranty. I found a review of this series (with a larger memory card, maybe with a different processor - because they were with Pentium and Celeron), but there are photos of the interior, it will probably be the same:

    https://www.ultrabookreview.com/18578-acer-spin-1-review/ (about halfway through the article).

    When enlarging one of the photos, we have the following view:

    acer spin 1 sp111-32n - upgrade ssd

    After the key in the slot, I can guess that 2280 M.2 SATA drives (or PCIe x2.0) should fit, but it's worth making sure. With budget models, probably SATA.

    It is also worth seeing if there is such a socket specifically in the colleague's copy. It cannot be guaranteed that in every series it will be (perhaps the super low-cost versions with Celina and 32GB flash have this slot cut out for the sake of savings). In one of the comments under the review, it says that the user did not have a socket.

    So - there is a chance, but it's worth taking the cover off, it's not a breach of warranty. By the way, it is worth taking a detailed photo of this connector (you will be able to judge whether it is SATA or PCIe x2 by the paths, if you could not find it in the specification. SATA and PCIe x2 drives have cutouts that physically fit such a slot, hence the lack of certainty. So, if the socket was found - a good, sharp photo of the area of the connector itself may reveal anything, as long as the paths are visible.
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    Service technician RTV
    Link_ oglądać od 1:10
    Ten model na 11.6" to taki " nowy Atom" na platformie: Mainboard Apollo Lake z cpu SoC Link_ apollo-lake-soc

    * model opisany Link
    najdroższa wer. to (Pentium N4200 CPU (4 Core™ /1.1GHz) and SSD(EMMC ) 64GB of storage... InsydeH20 v1.03)
    kbc IT8987E


    Bios jest ciekawy
    - w Setting: SecureBoot disabled, F12 and NetworkBoot enabled
    * odblokowanie Link
    - added an UEFI file as trusted for executing from the USB with installed Ubuntu in BIOS
    - created bootable USB with rufus or directly from a computer with Ubuntu installed
    - Link_ check 32 or 64 bit OS

    acer spin 1 sp111-32n - upgrade ssd acer spin 1 sp111-32n - upgrade ssd
    acer spin 1 sp111-32n - upgrade ssd

    Mimo słabych parametrów jest drozszy niż np. Lenovo Yoga 710 11 (Yoga 3 11)

    Na SoC N4200 bywał LA-B301p / X541NA MAIN BOARD REV 2.1