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[Solved] Grande Punto - Central locking from the remote control does not open the driver&

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    I will give my question:
    The topic concerns the lock, namely:
    closes with the remote control, opens everything except the driver's door.
    Before the demolition, these doors did not even lock with a key.
    Now it closes with the key and opens everything, but with the remote control as above
    Today I took out the lock, opened it, checked the motor briefly and it works and there are two micro switches that cannot be accessed.
    The transition from the pins to the motor is, from one pair of pins it shortens and opens its own and the other pair is left where there is no reaction and is it this fault?
    6 pin cube.

    I will add that it detects the opening of the door
    - - 1 2 3
    4 5 6 - -
    2z3 opens closes the circuit
    4i5 for the engine
    and between 1 and 6 no reaction

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    I already have a second lock, not installed yet, but the transitions are slightly different on the pins.
    Maybe someone replaced it and put it on from the rear door, because there are 3 candles and as in the current 2z3 it shortens and opens it is completely different even on these specific pins.