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Canon Service tool v2000 - service mode, deleting pampers etc.

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    In my case, the Canon Pixma IP4850 printer, the program worked 100% the first time as instructed in the first post.
    My system is Windows 7 64bit. I started the program with administrator rights.
    Of course, I reset the papmers.
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    Listen twice the pampers action and this time it is impossible to enter the service mode - the LEDs flash alternately! And what do you think, pampers are already washable !?
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    And your code is definitely pampers? How does it flash and how many times?
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    I did the first pampers reset:

    pierotez wrote:
    Thanks leeart. I fired on the eight ST V3.4.0.0. Unfortunately, I had to set the service mode on the disconnected printer, otherwise still Error code: 006.
    In service mode it went but most of the 'buttons' gave 002 but Test Print and EEPROM were printed. I used this website https://translate.google.pl/translate?hl=pl&s...ce_mode_47_tool00_for_print_tool_for_printers
    I also have a question, what does the last Ink Absorber Counter tab give (0-100 percent to be set)?
    By the way, I uncapped the head :) Deep Cleaning button - it was also active (I had problems with magenta all the time). After restarting on a working printer, a few more times quick cleaning and print test and the text came to normal and stopped smudging :) )
    Printed documents in the attachments - did not want to save to a file, maybe something else will come out.
    Thanks a lot and best regards.

    Canon Service tool v2000 - service mode, deleting pampers etc.

    So far, everything was fine until the message that printing is not possible and the command to cancel printing appeared.
    The printer flashes alternately [turn on and resume] LEDs, after trying to set the service mode, it flashes again, but more often than those 7 x, hmm!
    Once after the printer and PC reset, the printer worked (green LED) and printed a test page and I noticed that the buttons in the service program were activated. But after clicking on them the error codes as above and the printer started blinking again. And so on all the time.
    This time the codes are 002 and 009, what else can I check?
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    How many times does it flash without service mode?
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    I am so sorry that I am only responding now.
    After switching on, the printer will blink green 3 times, then it blinks 10 times alternately - i.e. 10 green and 10 orange and then 1-2s. breaks and again 10 cycles.
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    From what I can see you have an ip4700. 10 flashes means B200 - damaged heads or a damaged disc. Bad voltage on the head.
    What to do:
    1) Head contact pin condition of the carriage unit
    2) Cable connection (especially the carriage FFC)
    3) Part replacement: - Print head and logic board (Replace them at the same time.)
    - Power supply unit
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    In the IP 7250 only the V3400 worked, no problems.
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    Hello, I have a similar problem with the g1400, will someone tell me where to download the st4905?
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    I have a problem with the canon i9100 drivers installed under Windows 10, the printer printed nicely until printing from libreoffice after printing 1 line, it hung and since then it flashes orange / green 11 times, then green once and so all attempts to reset have failed in addition no application won't connect.

    Interestingly :
    - after disconnecting the power cord and reconnecting while holding power
    and by pressing 2 x resume the printer starts doing a carriage test - it takes the paper -
    an ambulance parks and a disco again.

    - when switching on normally, there is a disco ;-(

    The printer has been comprehensively cleaned, all motors and sensors are checked, the situation does not matter whether the head is installed or not, because it works OK on the 2nd printer.

    I am asking for help, I know that the monument printer, but the new head has 4 pages printed !!!
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    11 Times Flashing Green / Orange - Paper tray error.
    Solutions by service
    Paper feed cassette PFC-10 (option)
    - Logic board ass'y (QM2-0766 / QM2-0767)
    - Bottom case unit (QM2-0586)
    Proposes to check the position sensor of the main tray.
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    Thanks for the hint checked. after disconnecting the drive, it blinks 5 times, it also responds to other sensors without passing the start test after restarting, so the sensors and the engine work. In addition, it picks up the paper nicely.

    The printer is seen in the system but if you want to play something on it, it automatically goes offline.

    What else can you check?
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    What kind of auxiliary code crashes you, e.g. 6800 or 5200.? And the button nozzle test prints normally?
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    Unfortunately, it not only flashes orange / green 11 times, but when I turn it on by holding power and press 2 x resume, it will start if I hold the head, it flashes 2 times, so something lives in it :-)

    Added after 5 [hours] 35 [minutes]:

    I found on one of the forums:

    RAM error * 2 Replace logic board - Be careful of electrostatic damage - Set waste ink counter (see 3.2.1) * 2

    It does not sound good !!!
    Apparently, this is a common problem with libreoffice and old canon ;-( has any idea?
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    Prints a test in service mode?
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    Does anyone else have any idea or a motherboard for this printer? Possibly knows the website in the vicinity of Katowice?
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    I stick to the topic. I am struggling with MG6450. Looks like I can't get her into service mode. According to the instructions (the whole procedure with Cancel / Power and 6 clicks on cancel). The printer remains with the Power button lit up and the display black / no response to anything. The Komp does not even see it under USB. Perhaps the service mode is blocked? Is it possible to unlock? It can be put into safe mode (procedure + 4 clicks on Cancel, it will print the head settings, etc., but it neither sees wifi nor prints over the cable - the computer shows it offline, despite the fact that the service program can see it, but still gives Error 006).
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    The printer is a Canon iP4600, a 6C10 print error has appeared (alternating LEDs 23 x yellow and green are flashing the same number of times)
    I entered the printer's service settings, The used Service Tool V2000 / 3400 / Clear ink couter-main / supposedly went as it should, it printed D = 000.0, i.e. pampers counter reset OK.
    But after trying to print, the yellow LED flashes again 23x, which could be the reason.
    I repeated several times and over and over again the same zonnnnk :cry:
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    Jaką masz wiedzę na temat migania diod w tym modelu?
    23 times -- Valve cam sensor error --- [6C10] The valve cam sensor was faulty at power-on or when purging was attempted.
    1) Foreign material or paper debris around the purge drive system unit; remove foreign material.
    2) Cable connection
    3) Part replacement:- Purge drive system unit- Logic board

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    I only know the forum, i.e. as my colleagues wrote - - pampers reset.
    And what do you suggest, but already so professionally, not looking for some scraps of paper in the printer.
    My guess is that I have to mechanically clean the mascara.
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    After all, I wrote you a post above.

    And where on the forum did someone say that they are pampers?
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    On elektroda.pl they also write about it, the first example
    I did a pampers reset again, and I wiped the docking station.
    :D the printer walks like a talala :D
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    And are you still sure that the pampers reset helped you with flashing orange 23x?
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    I do not argue with the facts :D it helped, we'll see for how long.
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    leeart Well, I can see that resetting the counter is not everything, after some time the 6C10 error popped up again, which is what remains the matter of this microswitch on the right side of the printer. And whether there are any ink level sensors in the pampress containers themselves, or not.
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    There is no sensor in the absorber. Error 6C10 to Valve cam
    sensor error

    [6C10] The valve cam sensor was
    faulty at power-on or when
    purging was attempted.

    1) Foreign material or paper debris
    around the purge drive system unit;
    remove foreign material.
    2) Cable connection
    3) Part replacement:
    - Purge drive system unit
    - Logic board

    Sometimes simply turning off the printer solves the problem that keeps coming back.

    I suspect the sensor only works with the sensor frame already has material fatigue and is slightly deformed.
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    I suspect the sensor only works with the sensor frame already has material fatigue and is slightly deformed.

    Well fact, because this error returns from time to time.
    So I will be dismantled from the housing :cry: and daring what and how.
    Thanks and Regards :D