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BRC P&D Plus - no access to settings in the Sequent P&D program

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    The sensor because it appears quickly 90 °, it all started in about one time, that's why I suspect that it may be because of a gas computer.
    Candles replaced, cables changed (first it was made), lint on gas and gasoline
    As a separate connector from the flow meter, the car somehow drives but weak terribly, like a nasty one, I can travel 10km normally, but with 2-3 firing on a warm engine, the car cannot be driven, even the brake assist does not work.
    I will try to go to a mechanic, but they have been away for 2 months, or are on vacation and do not work ...
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    sztywny13 wrote:
    Paid service PLN 200 net + forwarding. Enter the driver code lpg DE81 ....... check if it is blocked.

    can you check please, if mine is factory locked too?
    Sequent P&D DE815141
    I have the same sympthoms. Unfortunately, mine was erased in local garage and they cannot program it back.
    Do you know if Czakram in Myslowice can unlock this? What is price for this service anyway now?

    Thank you
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    Blocked. Unlock topic only in Tarnów.
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    Please check the presence of the lock on the DE815033-2 driver.