BL602 IoT Lamp Breakout Board: Pinout Layout & Flashing Tips

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    I got a new IOT device and it came with a BL602 on a breakout board. I am not sure what the layout of this board is and how I would connect to get it flashed. If anyone can provide me with some tips that would be great.
    BL602 IoT Lamp Breakout Board: Pinout Layout & Flashing Tips BL602 IoT Lamp Breakout Board: Pinout Layout & Flashing Tips
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    It should be very simple. It has all required pins on the back side of the board. See:
    - 3.3V
    - BT (bootloader)
    - RX1
    - TX1
    - GND
    It's all that's needed. You should follow my guide at:
    or an english version at:

    By the way, where did you get that device? Can you please provide more information, I would like to buy one for testing.
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    Thank you for reply. Maybe you could highlight which pins correspond to which.

    3volts is obvious but the rest may not by. Also for future reference of anyone else. Specially which pin is boot on the picture.
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    BT = BooT = Bootloader.
    RX from board should be connected to TX from UART to USB converter, and TX from board should be connected to RX from USB to UART converter.
    (UNLESS someone is using non-standard naming on board, then please switch RX and TX).

    Are you aware that you should use 3.3V power supply for that? 5V connected to 3.3V pin would burn BL602.
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    thank you very much for your answer and your tip.

    What i meant was which pin corresponds to which pin on the board.

    so 3v3 pin is obvious the 3 volt pin
    Gnd is obviously ground
    but then its only written as 22 17 C W
    maybe if you could specify
    22 = ?
    17 = ?
    C = ?
    and im not sure if we need the pins on the back of the board.
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    Well, if it's a RGBCW bulb, then C is a cool white channel, W is warm white, R is red, G is Green, B is Blue.

    I don''t know about L and A, can you show the whole device you have?

    also, have you tried looking at this image? You can see where the dot mark is on your photo: BL602 IoT Lamp Breakout Board: Pinout Layout & Flashing Tips
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    Well that is the issue. Figuring out the pinout from the chip diagram to the actual board.
    So we know we need for example TX and RX and the BOOT pin but which pins are those on the actual PCB board that are labeled using that combination of letters.
    I am really not good at following the traces on the board. I suspect that these letters and numbers mean something but i'm not experience enough either to know what they are referring too.

    I cant post a link to the product but its just a lamp holder. Its a socket for a light bulb nothing else. It should just turn a bulb on or off.
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    This is very simple. You align the pinout image just so it matches the dot mark (first pin) and then look at pins.

    BL602 IoT Lamp Breakout Board: Pinout Layout & Flashing Tips
    Your photo is a bit blurry, so I am not able to tell 100% which pin goes where, but as you can see, I marked pins with colors....

    This is what I do to find out the pins of unknown module. I have never seen your module before.
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    Here is a related topic, also discusses the SM-028_V1.3 module
    Polish link: https://www.elektroda.pl/rtvforum/topic3945435.html
    English link: https://www.elektroda.com/rtvforum/topic3945435.html