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Artificial load 1.0V - 30V 0.01A - 9.99A. Max. 60W R06 - China - review

CMS 9510 35
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    CMS wrote:
    traax wrote:
    I don't know how this case suited you, but it is 2mm short in length. I am talking about the Z3A housing.

    Look carefully at photos 4 and 5 from the end.

    I have seen. For me, I have to cut the pcb by 5mm on the fan side to fit the plate between the walls.
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    Administrator of HydePark
    5mm is a piece of a sculpture. You're doing something wrong. For me it was a 1mm issue. Note that "the front panel is pushed all the way to the right so it won't be in the way. It must fit.
    Unless you have some other version of the board. Enter your dimensions.
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    My copy has arrived and it works perfectly.
    In the version I ordered, the minimum current that can be set is 0.2A - probably this is how majfrendy solved the problem mentioned by a colleague:
    GrandMasterT wrote:
    In my version there is such a slight drawback that the very beginning of the current setting range - somewhere down to 0.15A - is quite difficult to set because the actual current "floats" a bit in relation to the set one.

    An additional change in relation to the item tested by the author of the thread is the indication of the average battery voltage after the end of the test (not the current one).
    This value for Li-ion cells is displayed only after exceeding 0.1Ah.
    It is useful when we do not know what the rated voltage of the cell is - 3.6 or 3.7V. But you have to remember that heavily worn cells will significantly reduce this voltage.

    I also tried to measure the capacity of a 12V / 44Ah car battery, but with a current of 0.1C = 4.4A and a voltage of slightly over 13V, the load works at the limit of the permissible power and the heat sink gets very hot.
    I postponed this measurement until I improved the cooling by means of "dips".
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    I know that the archival topic, but maybe someone had a case that after connecting the power to Jack 13.4V and the load also around 13V for the contacts from the green plug, it displays "error 6"?
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    Tutaj masz listę błędów:
    Err1 Input Overvoltage
    Err2 Low Battery Voltage / No Battery Present / Reverse Polarity
    Err3 Battery ESR Too High / Cannot sustain selected discharge current
    Err4 General Failure
    Err6 Power Supply Voltage Too Low / Too High. Minimum 12v 0.5A.
    otP Overtemperature Protection
    Ert Temperature Sensor Failure / Temperature Too Low
    ouP Power Supply Overvoltage Protection
    oPP Load Power Protection

    Więcej informacji masz pod tym linkiem: