Panel meter. Voltmeter, ammeter etc.

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  • Panel meter. Voltmeter, ammeter etc.

    Hello today, my first review in this section. Panel voltmeter visible above.
    I decided to present an interesting voltmeter, ammeter, charge indicator and resistance measurement. All in one small device.
    The manufacturer named them in the PZEM-005 manual. Although it is different in the description of the store.
    Panel meter. Voltmeter, ammeter etc.
    In this code it is defined a bit differently. But on the other hand, there's a bigger description.
    Panel meter. Voltmeter, ammeter etc.
    The device itself comes with a fairly solid manual in two languages. I do not comment on the Chinese version, but I have some reservations about EN.
    Device bought here.

    Li-ion 18650 lithium battery Capacity Current Voltage Detector tester meter LCD-Y122

    As you can see, the store shows the version without the housing, while the physical device comes with a panel housing. Panel meter. Voltmeter, ammeter etc.
    I took off the back cover to have a complete set in one shot.
    And this is the instruction.
    Panel meter. Voltmeter, ammeter etc.
    Normally, after connecting the power supply, the indicator is not illuminated and consumes at 12V about 65uA. After switching on the backlight, the power consumption increases to 480uA.
    Panel meter. Voltmeter, ammeter etc.
    This is what it looks like without backlight,
    Panel meter. Voltmeter, ammeter etc.
    And so with.
    To turn on the backlight, just press the set button briefly.
    As you can see, the screen is divided into 4 parts. We have a quite accurate voltmeter and ammeter for this resistance measurement and a five-position indicator of the remaining amount of energy in the battery. Which is freely customizable.
    After pressing the set button for three seconds, you can set the voltage at which the indicator shows the discharged battery and at which it is charged.
    Panel meter. Voltmeter, ammeter etc. Panel meter. Voltmeter, ammeter etc.
    So it can be adapted to each cell and battery pack. Of course, in the measuring range.

    From the technical data:
    Operating voltage range 2.8-30V
    Current measurement range 0-10A
    Resistance measurement 0-999?
    To be more precise, it has been divided into 3 ranges.
    And energy measurement every 20% (five lines), which, as I wrote, can be freely set. In the range of 2.8-29.9V
    Measurement accuracy 2%

    Cool? Ranking DIY
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    A nice thing, only the whole price is missing in PLN / $ and the link :)
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    I miss what you are. ;)
    Everything is there to see.
    After all, the link has been inserted.
    Between the 2nd and 3rd photos.
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    Not that I'm picking on, because this is your first review as you write, but as the main photo there should be something more relevant to the topic than the packaging, from which nothing comes out at all. Overall, ok :)
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    You know first there is the packaging ......
    And I started with that, that's the style. What to do. ;)
    And beautiful and nice photos are in the link. Even a Chinese court for copyright would probably not pursue me. On Aliexpress, I see the same items at different sellers and the photos are also the same. Besides, something you order from a distance is an important thing to pack. To make it complete.
    It is a matter of taste who describes what and how. It is important that you like it. And it may be useful to someone. And I ordered a variety of crap, so there will be plenty to write about.
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    Style with style, but now imagine 20 entries in sequence and each one puts a photo box at the beginning ... Now quickly find among all the articles, for example the one you read a few days ago and want to come back to it quickly. The box does not show NOTHING, especially like yours, where even a photo device is missing, and the rule adopted on the forum is clear and unless I am mistaken, it is even in the regulations. Exactly in such boxes, joysticks come to me from China and that was my first thought after glancing at the electrode side (and I guess that's not the point, right?). Don't be angry, but I have already put a few things here and I also got a shit for the wrong photo at the beginning ;-)
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    Buddy, I'm not angry because there's nothing to ask for. If someone can reasonably explain their point, why not. A real virtue ...
    I can put something in there at the beginning. You're welcome.
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    I wonder what the parameters of such a miracle really look like ..
    I would argue with that 2% accuracy
    I also read at the auction:
    Resolution: when the resistance is less than 10 ?, the resolution is 0.01 ?
    There are also stun guns on ali that have 7 million volts
    So these parameters must be taken with a pinch of salt
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    It is sometimes the spread of a given series or range. I did the measurements with a separate meter quite well. At this resolution, the measurement is rounded, but correct. So there is nothing to pick on about this copy.
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    In fact, it's just a measure of package voltage and receiver current / resistance.
    It lacks the measurement of the internal resistance of the cell.
    I don't see any security circuits in the hardware.
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    In this money, he would be surprised, and it would be a big surprise.