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Class D PAM8610 15V 2x10W amplifier module test

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    The PAM8610 on the black board has a very high gain, as I remember it well, as much as 36dB. The signal level at the headphone output is very low and restricted by standards (hearing protection). Additional preamplifier needed.

    As for the shutdown, I suspect you had a problem with the power supply. Either too low capacity or too long connection cables and no additional electrolyte at the module.

    I bought two other modules for TPA3110 and OEP30, both of them have classic bipolar modulation, so definitely lower distortions and certainly much less noise, although the amplification is slightly lower.
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    The signal level at the headphone output is very low and restricted by standards (hearing protection).

    I know, and it's fucking annoying. For comparison - I have an old thinkpad, there you can lead the tip to the clip from the headphone output. This is impossible with a modern telephone.

    But back to the PAM8610 case - I exclude the weak power supply, I tested it on several different power supplies, and now there is Aku 12V 18Ah.
    I also tested TPA3110 (white module) and nothing like that happened there. But the one without the preamplifier is completely useless.
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    I am after quite a long fight with the module on PAM8610.
    In the final phase, such a "monster" with the capacity that the hands drop (2x1000u, 2200u, 220u L-ESR, 220n, 5x100n, 68n, 220p) was already soldered to the amplifier pins.
    and still had a problem with turning off. I made a simple "workaround" of the problem by passing the signal through a high-pass filter that cuts low frequencies to reduce the power consumption and ... here, so to speak, "the stick overdriven" - the amplifier started to shoot strangely, crackle, it had little to do with analog amplifier clipping. The loudspeaker started to "ripple" as if it were getting a few Hz with a considerable amplitude.
    I ran out of patience with this chip, TPA3110 took its place. The shutdown problem is gone, it distorts like analog, it's much better overall.
    The only thing that I pay attention to is much lower gain. Unfortunately, you have to play with the preamplifier. Fortunately, the usual, simplest, unbalanced-powered WO amplifier does the trick.
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    To the author of the TechRedaktor topic. In the application, I am writing about adding the output inductance in the case of too short cables. The sound is good on long, thick cables.
    The circuit "pulls" in any distortion of the power supply on the switching power supply. There is no such problem on a weaker classic transformer power supply. In my view, it is used for car radios.

    Łukaszoo - what kind of cooling did you use? For me, the included microradiator is too weak.
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    I have made various tests with cooling.

    Without a heat sink, with the factory (attached to the module), with a slightly larger frame removed from the bone, with two at the top and bottom, I even had to pour isopropanol on it while working. No effect on the behavior of the system, so I ruled out overheating. And I tested three such modules, so the fact that I got a faulty one is also unlikely.
    It's great for a small portable speaker, but for heavier plowing, I recommend TPA. Apart from too low gain, it did not cause me any problems with the application.