The simplest cable for the Bayer Contour TS glucometer

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  • Hello,

    I wanted to present a simple and proven (using the GLUCOFACTS Deluxe v3.05 program) cable to read data from the Bayer Contour TS glucometer.

      The simplest cable for the Bayer Contour TS glucometer

    Of course, there is nothing extraordinary here, and his advantage lies in simplicity. For anyone who needs to archive measurements from time to time and has a computer with an RS-232 port, it will be an interesting alternative to a rather expensive USB cable.
    The construction (if it can be called that) is my idea and it arose from the need of the moment.
    The resistor values are "by eye" so you can substitute something similar. The transistor is any PNP silicon (with 9600bps each can give advice).

    Regards T.

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    And are you sure that your cable to the meter will not falsify the result?
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    And how can the cable be falsified in the case of digital transmission in this case? Please, do not write nonsense.
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    SQ9MEM wrote:
    And how can a cable be false if it's a digital transmission? Please do not write nonsense.

    Or perhaps at the beginning I thought that the digital transmission is not interfering but it can affect the analog measurement by introducing interference, eg if it will be connected to the PC during the measurement and the PC has so many elements "that" that it is not difficult to interfere :) but you can always check with and without cable and everything will be explained. ;)

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    Did anyone know about the soft? It is used for ripping measurement results and not measuring in on-line mode.
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    Below I present a brief description of the launch of the GLUCOFACTS Delux Version V3.05.03 program, which is used to read data from the BAYER CONTORU series glucose meters.

    1. Connect the cable (described in the first post) to the computer (assume that the port COM1) and the meter.
    2. Press the 'M' key in the meter - we hear a characteristic 'peak' and three pulsing horizontal lines should appear on the display.
    3. We run the GLUCOFACTS application ... and within a few seconds the "Meter Detected ..." message should appear and the number of records saved on the meter (in CONTOUR TS it is 250).
    4. If nothing appears, we may have bad communication parameter settings (although the default ones should work in most cases). To change these settings you can follow the steps as in the picture below:
      The simplest cable for the Bayer Contour TS glucometer

    5. If you still have a communication problem, you should look for the fault / error in the cable itself. The cable I described does not require any drivers and works on any Windows system. The condition is to have a min. one serial COM port.
    6. It is possible to use this cable through the USB-RS232 adapter, but such a converter must support DTR lines (pin 4 in the COM port) from which it is "powered" by the cables to the meter.
    7. It is also possible to connect the meter via any USB-SERIAL cable (3.3V or 5V level) that was once used for communication with mobile phones, but the following modification must be made: TX line from the cable must be inverted (NOT gate or NPN transistor) in the "common emitter" system, and the RX line should have "pull-up".

    Checked with CONTOUR TS and LINK glucose meters.

    Good luck.

    PS. I hope that the above description will help solve the problems of people interested in the subject. In case of further problems, I help.
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    You can use USB-> RS232 eg Unitek Y-105 for this adapter. ;)
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    Dzien dobry
    do odczytu dany z glukometru w linuxie wykorzystuje kod
    Code: python
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    nastepnie robie porzadek kodem

    Code: bash
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