DIY Structures

Wireless soil moisture sensors

Sareph   01 Sep 2020   (12)
DIY Structures

Rotary sieve for DIY soil.

Magister_123   23 Jul 2017   (12)
DIY house and garden

RFID open lock on Arduino

ghost666   23 Mar 2018   (5)
DIY Abroad

Spectral clock - Propeller Clock

mb1988   17 Feb 2008   (234)
DIY Structures

HDDClock - clock from hard drive

mb1988   05 Sep 2009   (243)
DIY Structures

DIY thermal camera on ESP32

ghost666   25 Jan 2018   (4)
DIY Abroad

LED and led backlight tester.

Marian B   26 Oct 2017   (11)
DIY Competitions

SDR receiver for Raspberry Pi

ghost666   19 Jul 2017   (8)
DIY Abroad

LoRa home gateway and sensor system.

ghost666   13 May 2017   (6)
DIY Abroad

Simple DIY electronic fuse

ghost666   04 Feb 2017   (15)
DIY Abroad

Refined desoldering station ZD-915

stepawel   18 May 2011   (31)
DIY Workshop

[Line Follower] Impact

sailo   27 Jun 2012   (22)
DIY Structures


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