VariCore V40 - universal charger unlike any other - China - review

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    The V40 clearly distinguishes between NiMh batteries and does not take voltage from the air, without going into the types because I do not remember, I had end voltages of 1.43V, 1.46V, 1.50V
    1.51V, 1.55V.
    As for the internal resistance, I did not try in the test mode, in the charging mode, it probably takes 45m? rigidly.
    I will run the full test and see what it shows after the test
    best regards
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    Mi Ni-Mh of various brands loads up to 1.52 as I remember correctly. From what I read on the forum swiatelka.pl, the Litokali charger appeared in at least 2 versions - an older one and a newer one, improved. There are photos of the middle of both on the forum.
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    It is worth for someone to record the charging runs from these chargers - the universal ones are very often very poor with Ni-MH.
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    Take a look at the inside of this V40 with the photos of the lolita (that's what we call it with my friend). They are on the net ..
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    In the charger a lot depends on the MCU and its fw - the factory does not have to pat for all the same version.
    I do not know if these chargers are identical or not, but even the common PCB does not prejudge this.

    As I checked, the prices of both are almost identical.
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    I added some relevant information and photos at the bottom of the first post.