Photo booth for the party [Canon camera + Arduino]

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    Skipperab kobieta wrote:
    Recently I was at a party, someone normally put a PC there with Windows 7, some lens (I do not know if it was a regular camera or something more advanced) , monitor and then it printed.

    I wanted the photo booth to be maintenance-free, and when printing photos always have to be nearby (even to add paper). When building a photo booth, the costs also counted a bit, and the legal software to operate the fotobudki to the cheapest does not belong. In general, I was aware of ready-made solutions, but I preferred to do it "my way".
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    Skipperab kobieta wrote:
    artwa wrote:
    - photos are saved on the camera card and - what next? Photographed waiting for the colleague, "send" them pictures taken from the card after the event?

    Exactly, after the event, I am playing pictures of the event organizer and he is already deciding what to do with them.

    I know that it's a bit old, but my colleague did not think about putting a printer on photo paper, which prints immediately after taking a photo? Recently, I was at a party, someone normally put a PC with Windows 7 there, some lens (I do not know if it was just a camera or something more advanced), monitor i to potem pojęło. [/ Quote]

    I will add that when I looked for a typical photo booth printer, the cheapest one was probably 2,500.