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Home Assistant Tutorial - configuration, WiFi, MQTT, Zigbee, Tasmota

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    piterek-23 wrote:
    I have a little question ...
    Is it possible to somehow transfer data (Xiaomi Mijia 2 sensor) from Home Assistant to another server? If so, how to bite it?

    In many ways...
    You gave little information (what target server?).
    For example, MQTT.
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    PHP server, and I would like to send the data like this:
    http: //IP_serwer/receiver.php? key = xxxx & id = 1; 2; 3; 4 & type = temp; humid; volt; battery & value = data_temp; data_wilg; data_voltage; battery_data & device = ip & name = MiJia1_ (the link pasted in the browser updates the database on my server)
    So I need data from HA:
    dane_temp - temperature
    data_wilg - humidity
    data_voltage - battery voltage
    data_bateria - battery capacity
    MiJia1_ - name of the sensor, each module is to have a different end: MiJia1_, MiJia1_ ... MiJiax_
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    I've tried sending a reply about 10 times.
    An error was popping up and ...
    I got bored.

    It went in a private message!