LSC Smart E27 806lm CW - BK7231T

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  • A very cheap E27 smart bulb. Bought at Action store at around 4 euro in NL, article number 3000272.
    Overall quality is good enough considering the item price. I use it in hallways, storage room, toilet etc.
    LSC Smart E27 806lm CW - BK7231T LSC Smart E27 806lm CW - BK7231T
    Opening the light is pretty easy. If you have some experience opening devices, you can easily pry it open en glue it back together without damage.
    LSC Smart E27 806lm CW - BK7231T LSC Smart E27 806lm CW - BK7231T
    I use a 9mm thin blade, see picture. Slide the blade between the 'transparent' plastic and the base of the light. And keep turning the bulb in your hand, while you use the other hand to push the blade further into the bulb. It might take some time and force before you notice the top of bulb will loosen up. Just try to tilt the transparent piece after every other turn. Eventually it will separate from it's base.
    LSC Smart E27 806lm CW - BK7231T LSC Smart E27 806lm CW - BK7231T
    When you've separated the bulb. You have to remove the LED board. Remove the glue around the board with a screwdriver and a sharp blade. I use a little metal hook that I've bend into an L-shape to pull out the LED board. Keep removing glue until it will pop out. Pull it out straight otherwise you'll damage the pins that hold the board to the base of the bulb.
    LSC Smart E27 806lm CW - BK7231T LSC Smart E27 806lm CW - BK7231T
    Finally, remove the metal cap at the bottom of the bulb with a sharp balde or screwdriver. It's not screwed in or glued, just pull it out.
    You'll see a little metal wire. Carefully bend it to the center of the bulb, into the hole.
    LSC Smart E27 806lm CW - BK7231T LSC Smart E27 806lm CW - BK7231T
    Now that you've loosen the the metal wire at the bottom. You can pull out the main PCB of the bulb a little bit, for 5 to 10mm.
    When the sticker on the chip is removed. I found a BK7231T.
    LSC Smart E27 806lm CW - BK7231T LSC Smart E27 806lm CW - BK7231T
    On the bottom of the PCB you'll find the pins you need for flashin. They are clearly marked. The TX and RX are small but with a steady hand and your soldering iron, you'll manage to attach some wires.
    LSC Smart E27 806lm CW - BK7231T LSC Smart E27 806lm CW - BK7231T
    Flash it with your USB UART flashing device and set pin 24 as PWM value 4 (CW) and pin 16 as PWM value 5(WW).
      - platform: mqtt
        name: "obk06B22AC7"
        unique_id: "obk06B22AC7"
        command_topic: "cmnd/obk06B22AC7/led_enableAll"
        state_topic: "obk06B22AC7/led_enableAll/get"
        availability_topic: "obk06B22AC7/connected"
        payload_on: 1
        payload_off: 0
        brightness_command_topic: "cmnd/obk06B22AC7/led_dimmer"
        brightness_scale: 100
        brightness_state_topic: "obk06B22AC7/led_dimmer/get"
        brightness_value_template: "{{value}}"
        color_temp_command_topic: "cmnd/obk06B22AC7/led_temperature"
        color_temp_state_topic: "obk06B22AC7/led_temperature/get"
        retain: false
    This is the YAML configuration I use in HA.
    LSC Smart E27 806lm CW - BK7231T LSC Smart E27 806lm CW - BK7231T
    The light shows up as I expect in the HA GUI.
    Put everything back together in reverse order. Glue back the transparent top of the bulb, and you're done.

    Happy flashing!

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    Very nice teardown! I also have seen Action stores in Poland. This bulb is very cheap as well in my country, it's for about 15 PLN (Polish Zloty).

    By the way, it might be possible to flash this bulb without opening the case:
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    Thx. Yes I'm aware of the Cloud Cutter capabilities and for sure it might be able to program your firmware on the device.
    But what's the fun of that :-) I enjoy opening up these devices desolder modules (if needed) and programming better firmware as a hobby.
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    Thanks for more information, they have a set of 3 garden lamps RGB + W for PLN 89, which is quite a nice price, they also have a smart spotlight with a motion sensor. You will have to find a store nearby and test it.

    Added after 1 [minutes]:

    Heh, I did not expect elektroda has some auto translation features :)
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    Let me know when you buy, photos from inside / tearedown topic is also well known, maybe even a small gift from Electrode could be found for you.

    I am curious how this motion sensor works, but it will probably also be able to run.

    And autotranslate is, although it does need some manual corrections.
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    If you can do a teardown of what's in Action, I'll send you some electrode gifts :)
    Thank you!
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    If someone does not want to flash, he can integrate this bulb via tuya, you have to build a project on iot.tuya.com. and add it in the tuya app will detect it without any problem. Apparently, the lsc app is a tuya clone.

    I use at Home Assistant with lsc rgb bulbs, sockets, sirens and garden lamps.
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    I'm buying this bulb a lot and it always came with a esp8266 which I quickly flashed to tasmota. Now they silently changed the chipset to BK7231T and I thought I have to buy much more expensive bulbs to still use opensource software. Luckily i found a worthy replacement firmware that runs on these chips, I was just missing the pin config. Happy that I found it finally, thanks alot.

    I have a spotted a small typo though. You write pin 16 is PWM, I think it should be 26.
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    It is indeed 26. The pin 16 does not even support PWM function.

    Why do you think they "silently changed the chipset to BK7231T"?
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    My guess would be cost reduction, probably the Beken chips are a few cents or fractions of a cent cheaper than the Espressif chips
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    Maybe it's about licensing problems?
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    Thanks for the nice writeup!

    Since I bought the same ones (3000272-970716) also in NL my small comment is that flashing directly using Tuya Cloudcutter works perfectly so no need to open the bulb anymore!
    There is one difference in my setup because I have to use: Pin 24: PWM 1, Pin 26: PWM 2.
    With your I cannot control the bulb at all, was there some other PWM's you set?

    Thanks for MQTT config! Works perfectly.