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LSC Smart Ceiling Light RGBCW - CB2S (BK7231N)

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  • Very easy and basic teardown and flashing procedure for this LSC Ceiling Light. Bought at Action store at around 15 euro in NL, article number 3007213.
    LSC Smart Ceiling Light RGBCW - CB2S (BK7231N) LSC Smart Ceiling Light RGBCW - CB2S (BK7231N)

    A Tuya CB2S is used which is supported for a long time already by the OpenBK7231T_app firmware. So flashing the device with my trustworthy CP2102 was a breeze.
    Note: I usually use macOS to flash my devices but for some reason I can't get de hid_download_py Python script to work on my MacBook when flashing BK7231N.

    Opening it up is easy, as many similar 'dome' lights, just twist the cap. Inside you'll find 3 screws:
    LSC Smart Ceiling Light RGBCW - CB2S (BK7231N)
    After you unbolt the screws the white cap will come loose easily. No glue or some other adhesives are used.

    LSC Smart Ceiling Light RGBCW - CB2S (BK7231N) LSC Smart Ceiling Light RGBCW - CB2S (BK7231N)
    The pins we use to flash the device are located at the bottom. No need to desolder anything to reach them or to flash it successfully.

    After you flashed the BK7231N as any other. No additional configuration is needed. You only have to set the PWM pins like this:
    LSC Smart Ceiling Light RGBCW - CB2S (BK7231N)

    For Tasmota I use this configuration (maybe needs a little tweaking, but seems to work just fine):
     - platform: mqtt
        name: "Plafond"
        rgb_command_template: "{{ '%02x%02x%02x' | format(red, green, blue)}}"
        rgb_state_topic: "lsc-clg-rgbcw/led_basecolor_rgb/get"
        rgb_command_topic: "cmnd/lsc-clg-rgbcw/led_basecolor_rgb"
        rgb_value_template: "{{ value[0:2]|int(base=16) }},{{ value[2:4]|int(base=16) }},{{ value[4:6]|int(base=16) }}"
        command_topic: "cmnd/lsc-clg-rgbcw/led_enableAll"
        state_topic: "lsc-clg-rgbcw/led_enableAll/get"
        availability_topic: "lsc-clg-rgbcw/connected"
        payload_on: 1
        payload_off: 0
        brightness_command_topic: "cmnd/lsc-clg-rgbcw/led_dimmer"
        brightness_scale: 100
        brightness_state_topic: "lsc-clg-rgbcw/led_dimmer/get"
        brightness_value_template: "{{value}}"
        color_temp_command_topic: "cmnd/lsc-clg-rgbcw/led_temperature"
        color_temp_state_topic: "lsc-clg-rgbcw/led_temperature/get"
        retain: true

    And another Tuya device is cut form their cloud and under our command :)
    Happy flashing!!

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    Good job, it seems like a very nice lamp, I wonder how bright it is.
    We also have an Action store at Poland, I bought some WiFi LED bulbs there very cheaply (even for 20 zł, about 5$, each), but I haven't seen that lamp. I will check again soon.

    Still, I bought a similiar lamp once from Banggood, here is the review:
    I can't really say that I was happy with the purchase, as the lamp was advertised as "WiFi" but turned out to be Bluetooth-only, but luckily I got it mostly refunded by seller so I will not complain. And also that was an interesting teardown.