SMS controlled relay on SIM800L and Arduino Nano module

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  • SMS controlled relay on SIM800L and Arduino Nano module
    Currently, in the era of simple and inexpensive GSM modules and Arduino modules, it is very easy to construct an SMS-controlled relay. In the project below, the author used the SIM800L module to receive SMS messages. The whole system is controlled by the Arduino Nano V3 module. The system is equipped with one relay, which is controlled by SMS, which allows you to remotely turn on and off current in a circuit with the help of one SMS.

    Let's look at the schematic diagram of the system first - these are just a handful of discrete elements, next to the two modules mentioned above:

    SMS controlled relay on SIM800L and Arduino Nano module

    The system is powered by stabilized voltage of 5 V from a 1 A power supply. This voltage supplies the Arduino board with a microcontroller, and the GSM modem is powered by 4.3 V. Most SIM800L modules available on the market should work without a problem with 3.7 V, however, the author found that his modem works with voltages below 4 V on average, hence the supply voltage of 4.3 V.

    The program code on Arduino is very simple. The modem does not require any dedicated libraries, and communication with it takes place via a simple serial interface. RX and TX pins are configured as a software serial port through which Arduino communicates with the SIM800L module. This is deliberate because it allows you to eavesdrop on this transmission for debugging code.

    After making sure that all the elements are connected correctly and uploading the following program to the Arduino module, you can start the device. First, we must insert the SIM card into the modem. After starting in a few seconds the card should register in the network - the modem will signal it by blinking every few (2..3) seconds with the LED. At this point, we can press the reset button to fully boot the system.

    Now you only need to send an SMS to the SIM card number. After sending the SMS saying "ON" the relay will turn on and the SMS saying "OFF" will turn the relay off. The layout does not distinguish between uppercase and lowercase letters. The relay can be connected to any device that we want to control. Just remember not to exceed the maximum permissible current and voltage of the relay contacts.

    The program code is very simple. That's him:

    Code: c
    Log in, to see the code

    And this is what communication on the serial port looks like through a monitor connected to it during system operation.

    SMS controlled relay on SIM800L and Arduino Nano module

    SMS controlled relay on SIM800L and Arduino Nano module
    Finally, some important tips:

    * The SIM card must be inserted into the slot so that it protrudes from the cut end, as shown in the picture.
    * The SIM800L module needs a supply voltage from 3.4 V to 4.4 V and a current from 1 to 2 A. The module has neither an integrated voltage stabilizer nor a signal level translation system - we have to build these elements ourselves.
    * The power supply must have adequate current capacity. If the voltage drops excessively, the modem may shut down unexpectedly or reset during operation.
    * If something does not work in the system shown, it is a good idea to perform a hard system reset.
    * The program code, however working, may require some corrections etc., so it is good to follow it step by step and possibly make your own modifications. The author (link below) will gladly know if he made any mistakes in the program.

    Source: http://www.electroschematics.com/13641/sim800l-one-channel-sms-relay/

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    A long time ago I did a similar project, but I had additional protection so that the relay can be turned on / off only from a specific phone number. Now I did the relay control based on the gsm module Air200 . Written script not only enables on / off control, but also time control. It has protection against unauthorized switching on / off from another number. It is also possible to check the current state of the pin and restore the previously set pin state after a power outage. You can read about the details on this page https://www.elektroda.pl/rtvforum/viewtopic.php?p=17008021#17008021.

    SMS controlled relay on SIM800L and Arduino Nano module
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    I submitted the above arrangement. I used a converter instead of voltage matching resistors. Everything works fine only there is a problem after disconnecting the voltage. After each disconnection from the power supply, the module logs into the network, I send sms correctly and the system does not respond with a relay, and you must press the reset button each time. After pressing the reset it is ok until the next disconnection. Can you help it somehow?
    I did the test by disconnecting only the sim800l from the voltage. Arduino powered up all the time. After recharging sim800l you need to press reset on Arduino for sms to come and the relay to switch
    I did the next test. I powered up the sim800l and when I logged in I gave the voltage to Arduino and everything ok.
    It is evident that the module must be logged in before starting Arduino.
    At the beginning of the code, I temporarily gave 30 seconds for the module to log in and it works. After each power outage, everything works fine.
    Next test. Module antenna removed. Plus 30 seconds delay in the Arduino program. Turning on the voltage. After a minute the antenna was inserted. The module is logging into the network and the system is working properly.
    The conclusion is that the module does not have to be logged in before starting Arduino.
    Can you solve it somehow?