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KA2281 control indicator

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  • Power indicator two channels 120 led KA2281 2 ◊ 5-channel LED level meter for stereo tape recorders and home stereo This is an integrated circuit consisting of a 2-channel LED level meter driver, designed for use in systems. Can be configured as two channels and one channel.

    Features of the KA2281

    Comparator AC level (-16, -11, -6, -3, 0d13) x2.

    Externally adjustable gain of the input amplifier.

    Wide range of operating voltage: Vcc = DC5V - DC14V (our circuit uses 12V ... 14V DC)

    Applies to 10-point mono output.

    High input impedance.

    It can be installed with a small number of external circuit elements.

    Panel design file, gerber, PCB welding (sprint layout)

    Download: https://bit.ly/33f1Q6K

    KA2281 control indicator

    KA2281 control indicator KA2281 control indicator KA2281 control indicator

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    I just wonder - wouldn't the effect be better on the LM3915?
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    Better. But it was more expensive. A dozen years ago I made an indicator on this chip. I think in my mixer presented here there was a 10-step on 2 chips.
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    Jogesh wrote:
    10 steps on 2 scalers.
    So stereo? Because one 3915 has an output for 10 LEDs.
    And "better" because it has better tailored thresholds for lighting subsequent LEDs. Here (for two channels clipped into one) on the KA2281 I do not see the possibility of obtaining an even scale.
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    Yes stereo. 3915 is better, yes I remember how I did. I also did 3915, I also did on transistors. But the KA2281 chip cost about PLN 1 back then. and 3915 much more.
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    Wouldn't it be advisable to use different LED colors so that they light up red at maximum and yellow a little earlier?