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Laboratory power supply 0-30V 0-10A

gevv 11859 32
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    I put this power supply together and it works. But after some modifications, the assembly according to this scheme is ok until the transformer windings are switched (120 Watt 2 X 15V toroid), ZD2 overheating (voltage at C10 - 20V). I made the transformer winding switching system on the LM 358, power supply from additional winding 15V, intended for a four-digit double A / V meter from Ali. Now it works without a problem, only there is a problem with resetting the ammeter, after starting it shows 32 mA. I used the same meters in my colleague's eurotips ETL power supply, they work without any problems in it. When comparing both of these power supplies, I bet on ETL.
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    karel21 wrote:
    it is ok until the transformer windings are switched (toroid 120 W 2 X 15V), ZD2 overheating took place
    Because you misread the diagram. Take a close look at it - to which point is the diode connected?
    The voltage switching only applies to the power supply circuit, not the zener diode.
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    That's right, I read the diagram correctly, also a correctly made PCB. The power supply for switching the transformer windings, the relay and the power supply 723 are connected to the first winding of the AC 15V transformer, permanently, through a rectifier diode D2 1N4007. Despite this, the DZ18V burned, I checked the board and components many times until I was bored, I had to make a mistake, but I missed it. I finally etched the new plate and it works fine.