RGB+CW Lapm Tuya WBLC9 (BK7231T) + BP1658

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    RGB+CW Lapm Tuya WBLC9 (BK7231T) + BP1658


    Homework tonight:
    Package and marking:

    We heat up

    And with both hands, just gently break it in half. :-) The main thing is not to damage your hands, eyes, body, as well as the lamp body and the ceiling.

    remove pimpochka

    With a blunt knife, gently move the base in a circle

    cut off white snot

    with a thin but strong screwdriver, push the disk out with LEDs

    Excellent result:
    RGB+CW Lapm Tuya WBLC9 (BK7231T) + BP1658msg1652874...-36681.jpg Download (174.15 kB)
    connect external power
    RGB+CW Lapm Tuya WBLC9 (BK7231T) + BP1658msg1652874...-36682.jpg Download (71.34 kB)
    We solder the contacts of the TP
    RGB+CW Lapm Tuya WBLC9 (BK7231T) + BP1658msg1652874...-36685.jpg Download (31.28 kB)
    Next are two options:
    save a backup and be able to rollback or just flash
    Create and save a flash memory backup. You need a programmer SPI memory, for example
    inexpensive CH341A.
    RGB+CW Lapm Tuya WBLC9 (BK7231T) + BP1658

    connect the SPI bus in CEN
    RGB+CW Lapm Tuya WBLC9 (BK7231T) + BP1658??????..PNG Download (104.41 kB) RGB+CW Lapm Tuya WBLC9 (BK7231T) + BP1658msg1652874...-36683.jpg Download (129.17 kB)
    connect the programmer. Be careful. TC can be damaged by jerks on the wires
    RGB+CW Lapm Tuya WBLC9 (BK7231T) + BP1658msg1652874...-36684.jpg Download (257.65 kB)
    Software NeoProgrammer, Asprogrammer
    NeoProgrammer download
    Drivers download
    Script for transferring the chip to memory access mode


      ID:= CreateByteArray(4);
      RESP:= CreateByteArray(250);
      if not SPIEnterProgMode(_SPI_SPEED_MAX) then LogPrint('Error setting SPI speed');
      LogPrint ('Read JEDEC ID');
        // init SPI
      for i:=0 to 250 do
        SPIWrite (0, 1, $D2);
        // read response
      SPIRead(1, 3, ID);
        // logprint('RESP: ' + inttohex((GetArrayItem(RESP, 0)),2)+ inttohex((GetArrayItem(RESP, 1)),2));
        // read ID to test installation
      SPIWrite (0, 4, $9F, $00, $00, $00);
      SPIRead(1, 4, ID);
      logprint('CHIP ID: ' + inttohex((GetArrayItem(ID, 2)),2) + inttohex((GetArrayItem(ID, 1)),2)+ inttohex((GetArrayItem(ID, 0)),2));
      LogPrint ('End read JEDEC ID');
      SPIExitProgMode ();

    1. Press CEN in gnd, Execute script & release CEN
    wait 15701 in log

    repit in err (id 00000)

    2.Press "Detect" Chip
    select EN25Q16
    3. Press Read IC
    Currently selected: EN25QH16 [3.3V] 16 Mbits, 2 Mbytes
    Current programmer: CH341 Black
    Reading memory... Main Memory
    Execution time: 00:00:17.072
    CRC32 = 0x********
    4.Press File & Save
    Great. you can always return to this state if you do not break the board :-)

    Firmware through any UART port available to you with 3.3v levels (for example)
    We transfer the programmer CH341A to serial mode, remove the jumper (or any other, which is available)
    run the program for the firmware (download the program and the latest firmware )
    specify your file with the program and your com port

    python uartprogram С:\test\OpenBK7231T_UA_1.12.103.bin  -d com8 -w

    RGB+CW Lapm Tuya WBLC9 (BK7231T) + BP1658

    Next, we connect to the access point, go to the address and make settings
    The main ones related to the lamp and the chip:
    Configure module:
    P24 BP1658CJ_DAT
    P26 BP1658CJ_CLK

    Configure General
    set Flag4 ( restore on power and flag12 )

    Change Startup command text::
    BP1658CJ_Map 2 1 0 4 3

    Setting up MQTT ( ip, topic, username, password )

    Home assistaint (configuration.yaml ):

      - unique_id: "Name_Id"
        name: "Name"
        rgb_command_template: "{{ '%02x%02x%02x' | format(red, green, blue)}}"
        rgb_state_topic: "obkMAC/led_basecolor_rgb/get"
        rgb_command_topic: "cmnd/obkMAC/led_basecolor_rgb"
        rgb_value_template: "{{ value[0:2]|int(base=16) }},{{ value[2:4]|int(base=16) }},{{ value[4:6]|int(base=16) }}"
        command_topic: "cmnd/obkMAC/led_enableAll"
        state_topic: "obkMAC/led_enableAll/get"
        availability_topic: "obkMAC/connected"
        payload_on: "1"
        payload_off: "0"
        brightness_command_topic: "cmnd/obkMAC/led_dimmer"
        brightness_scale: 100
        brightness_state_topic: "obkMAC/led_dimmer/get"
        brightness_value_template: "{{value}}"
        color_temp_command_topic: "cmnd/obkMAC/led_temperature"
        color_temp_state_topic: "obkMAC/led_temperature/get"
        retain: true

    Good luck!
    RGB+CW Lapm Tuya WBLC9 (BK7231T) + BP1658 RGB+CW Lapm Tuya WBLC9 (BK7231T) + BP1658 RGB+CW Lapm Tuya WBLC9 (BK7231T) + BP1658 RGB+CW Lapm Tuya WBLC9 (BK7231T) + BP1658

    Huge thanks to btsimonh and Refuhr for their help!
    (RUS version) and sorry for bad english

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