LSC Smart Dimmer Switch teardown

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  • Hi,

    I bought a "LSC Smart Dimmer Switch" from Action in France for around 10€.

    It is a wall switch, working on a battery consisting of:

    - A WB3S module (WiFi with a BK7231T)
    - A Tuya MCU with no reference written
    - A rotary switch with an integrated push button
    - 2 LEDs:
    - One that seems RGB (seems connecter to the TuyaMCU)
    - One green (seems to be related to the charge function)
    - A power switch
    - A reset button
    - A 3.7V battery
    - A USB C connector use to charge the battery

    Here is the circuit:
    LSC Smart Dimmer Switch teardown

    Work is in progress to make it work with OpenBekenIOT :)


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    As said on Github, full packet capture would be nice, both queries and replies.

    A full Action item model or index also would be helpful. Anyway, thanks for teardown, it will be added to our online database soon.

    BTW: Are all buttons and LEDs connected to TuyaMCU, even the reset button?
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    I'm not sure 100% but it seems that the RGB LED and power/reset button are connected to the TuyaMCU while the green LED is connected to the charging circuit.