[BK7231N] - Jinvoo AC/TV Box IR Controller (SM-AW502S)

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  • Successor of https://templates.blakadder.com/jinvoo_SM-AW502A.html. Has a BK7231N (CB3S) chip that can be flashed. I bought it from Amazon for 10€ (https://www.amazon.de/dp/B07VYWN88F?tag=tasmotatempla-21)

    [BK7231N] - Jinvoo AC/TV Box IR Controller (SM-AW502S)


    1. Remove the rubber feet on the bottom
    [BK7231N] - Jinvoo AC/TV Box IR Controller (SM-AW502S)

    2. Open the screws and open the case
    [BK7231N] - Jinvoo AC/TV Box IR Controller (SM-AW502S)


    1. Connect the following PINs of the CB3S to your FTDI
    [BK7231N] - Jinvoo AC/TV Box IR Controller (SM-AW502S)

    1 (RESET)Short to GND for 1s after issuing the flashing command below
    8 (VCC)VCCDC 3.3v!
    9 (GND)GND
    15 (RX)TX
    16 (TX)RX

    [BK7231N] - Jinvoo AC/TV Box IR Controller (SM-AW502S)

    2. Download the firmware OpenBK7231N_QIO_X.Y.Z.bin from the releases.
    3. Follow the flashing instructions in the OpenBK wiki. After issuing the uartprogram command short the PIN 1 of the CB3S to GND on the FTDI.

    0. Disconnect the wires and plug in the device.
    1. You'll see an OpenBK7231N_####### wifi network. Connect and configure the device to connect to your home network.
    2. Find the device's IP in your home network. The devices don't seem to have a unique MAC address, if you have multiple, make sure to set unique names and MACs in the configuration.
    3. Go to the web application and configure the PINs in the "Config" tab as follows:

    4. In the "Logs" tab, run the command startdriver IR

    Now when you point a remote at the device where the "DIY" is written you should see the IR Protocol and code inside the logs. To send IR commands, you can run IRSend <PROTOCOL>-<ADDRESS>-<COMMAND>-<REPEAT>, e.g. IRSend RC5-0x0-0x54-1 inside the console or also via MQTT cmnd/<device>/IRSend with payload RC5-0x0-0x54-1.

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    I am very happy to see that people are using our latest contribution from @btsimonh , the IR driver. Thank you for teardown. By the way, you can also send IR from a script that is saved in LittleFS file system. For example:

    delay_s 1
    IRSend RC5-0x0-0x54-1
    delay_s 1
    IRSend RC5-0x0-0x55-1
    delay_s 1
    IRSend RC5-0x0-0x56-1

    Save it to myscript1.txt, then you can do:

    alias mysequence startscript myscript1.txt

    and then, if you execute "mysequence" command, it will run this script. Of course, it would start two separate script threads if executed twice in a short time, so you have to be aware of that. There will be soon an option to make new script thread kill old script thread, but that's TODO
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    I have a similar noname ir remote purchased on aliexpress. Flashed firmware OpenBK7231N. The remote control is working, receives and sends commands via the command line and Little FS scripts.
    But it does not appear in MQTT, although it is connected in the log.
    And how do I add a device to HA or at least call a script from LittleFS?
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    I just entered the MQTT data into the configuration, and it worked for me.

    In HomeAssistant I just added a new script with a parameter that published to the according MQTT topic:

    Code: yaml
    Log in, to see the code

    Then I used the following custom card: https://github.com/marrobHD/tv-card

    And configured it like the following:
    Code: yaml
    Log in, to see the code

    This then looks like:

    [BK7231N] - Jinvoo AC/TV Box IR Controller (SM-AW502S)