[Youtube] Tasmota Control App pairing for TAS/OBK devices - 100% local serverless control

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  • [Youtube] Tasmota Control App pairing for TAS/OBK devices - 100% local serverless control
    Here's a short presentation showing how to use Tasmota Control app from Google Play to control Tasmota and OpenBeken devices. Tasmota Control allows you to control TAS/OBK devices on your local area network without any external server. No Home Assistant is needed. Tasmota Control works by sending HTTP commands via Tasmota REST (JSON) interface to Tasmota devices. OpenBeken is compatible with Tasmota JSON format, so it works with Tasmota Control as well. All you need to do is set static IP for your device and add it to the app, here's full guide:

    Following approach works for all supported platforms, and since OpenBeken is now multiplatform, it works for BK7231N, BK7231T, BL602, W600/W601, W800/W801, XR809, etc.

    Keep in mind that OBK is also compatible with Home Assistant, so if you prefer HA approach, watch this video instead:
    See our Youtube channel for more IoT related guides.

    Here are some useful links related to the OBK project.
    Project repository:
    BK7231 flasher:
    OBK releases:
    Supported devices list:

    Thank you for watching. Keep in mind that the Tasmota Control approach has some advantages over using Home Assistant - for example, it doesn't require any external server! This can be good for people just starting the IoT hobby experience.
    Futhermore, there are also other similar apps like Tasmota Control but they are not covered in this video. We may cover them next time. Stay tuned!

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