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Digital soldering station for WSP80 by Bekcs eKm

Bekcs eKm 26104 34
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    szympek;) wrote:
    Experience priceless and for all others ... and besides buying for all ... for PLN 50 you will not buy a digital soldering station

    And which of these stations for PLN 50 works with Weller flasks?

    here the xls file with the weller temperature sensor characteristics:
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    Hello !

    Do you have a pin header for the WSP80 soldering iron ?? I have such a flask but in the network there are only descriptions of the plug with a pin inside, my plug does not have it.
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    Because the middle pin is used in the flasks, this suction is eg DS80, it is the trigger signal for starting the pump / solenoid valve.
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    I congratulate the author of the work he has done. That would make Polish subtitles so ;-) to him ... ;-) And if not Polish, at least symbols that clearly indicate functionality for the average inhabitant of the Earth. Congratulations again.

    By the way, until the tear is pressed to the eye, as you can see on the electrode amateurly made, for example, fully functional welders the size of a liter of milk carton, that in 38 million of the country with the potential that could successfully arise if not a satellite, the whole range OWN 100% (that is, without anyone's "grace") production of cars, aircraft, drones, transporters, tomographs and other cudeniek, entrepreneurship FOR EVERY DAY is oppressive.
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    I would like to know the values of resistors.
    Thank you!