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    Refined desoldering station ZD-915

    The faulty inverter needs to be replaced with a transformer.
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    Colleagues had asked about the converter earlier. I just got undressed at the workshop. Scheme does not really want to draw on me. The inverter is based on the FSCQ1565 system, properly according to the application note, with richer input and NTC filtering.

    On the secondary side there is one winding with a double STPS20S100CT diode. There are two 2200? / 25V capacitors.
    There is no stabilizer and there is a voltage of 18V which supplies the heater section. It outputs 0, + 18V power supply (additionally filtered by a coil and capacitor), and one voltage to supply the controller in series with a 52? resistor which after charging gives about 16V.

    The inverter also has heater control. The executive system is implemented on the mosfet N type transistor: STP60NF06FP. It is controlled by a optocoupler on the display board.
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    Hi people,
    I’m new here.

    I bring this post back to life to ask for help.

    I came across this page trying to find information to repair my station. It keeps blowing the voltage controler. So changing the power supply would be a must.
    You please give a step by step procedure to change everything and the used parts. I guess the first step is getting a transformer, but which one? What outputs and power is needed?
    Thank you.
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    I bought such a zd-915 station, however, with a defect, namely the heater is supposedly damaged, hence now a few questions:

    1 Does your station display an error on the screen after starting, without a gun connected?
    2 After starting mine with the attached gun, I also have an error message u01 and the station does not respond to the buttons, I will add that the pump works.
    3 Will the 8915 and 90W heater work with this station?
    4 How to check if something has happened in the station, or if the heater is actually short-circuiting.

    sorry for the possibly ridiculous questions, but I bought it cheap and I wouldn't want to put so much into it that I could buy a new one.
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    Hello :)

    I took out the hardware like this:

    1. After starting, u03 appears for a few seconds, then 3 dashes instead of the current temperature and Error on the side of the screen.

    2. There may be something wrong with the thermocouple amplifier or some short circuit the microprocessor interprets the signals as out of range and freezes. The operational amplifier or 5V voltage stabilizer that does not produce current and the system hangs may also be damaged. There are many options, the most important is the correct diagnosis. My hardware is PWM controlled and has a switching power supply. The pump is controlled by a button independently of the processor.

    3. Perhaps the heater from the flask 8915 will work. Lower power should be taken into account.
    In my model, the supplied voltage of 24V is reduced to 18V. This reduces the power of the heater and at the same time extends its life. We know how they fall faster at 24V.

    4. The main thing is to measure and analyze everything. Somewhere they gave the values of the resistance of the heater and thermocouple. I would measure the voltage on the 5V stabilizer what deviations it has.

    Does your equipment have a switching power supply or a transformer?

    You can send a request for error codes here: tech(malpa)memotronics.com

    I bought my equipment with a dead power supply from a sale like new, a base station with accessories without a flask. After minor modifications.

    Hope I helped clear things up. Greetings :)
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    Hey, I quickly unscrewed it before work and I think I have a standard power supply here:

    output: DC 18V/12A v2.0

    what's in that white box on the back wall near the fan?? current limit?

    if you could measure the resistance of your heater and thermocouple, I would be very grateful :)
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    Hey :)

    This can has resistors that theoretically lower the voltage for the fan and pump.
    I recommend replacing with small dc/dc 5A and 2A converters. A diode of appropriate power on the pump with blocking and overvoltage protection. This will silence the equipment and increase the life of these elements!

    I don't need to measure anything, the data can be found online.

    Here is a topic about replacing the desoldering heater on a well-known forum:


    Here's the manual of the ZD-8915 7-pin Pro'sKit SS-331 gun 5SS-331N-DG (90 watts variant vs zd-915 80 watts):

    7 Pin connector (gun) pin-out:

    [pin 1 & 2] sensor (PTC/Thermistor) 50Ω±3Ω (25°C room temperature)
    [pin 3 & 4] heating element 2Ω±1Ω (25°C room temperature)
    [pin 5 & 6] trigger switch - 0Ω (trigger on)
    [pin 7 & 2] open or 0Ω (shaking gun) sleep tilt switch?

    Just measured my ZD-915 24v 80W gun,

    6 Pin connector (gun) pin-out:

    [pin 1 & 2] sensor (PTC/Thermistor) 1.6Ω(±3Ω?) (24.3°C room temperature)
    [pin 3 & 4] heating element 1.4Ω(±1Ω?) (24.3°C room temperature)
    [pin 5 & 6] trigger switch - 0Ω (trigger on, test with continuity mode)

    It follows that ZD-915 and ZD-8915 are not fully compatible!!!
    The heater differs in resistance, it's a smaller problem, a bigger problem is the different resistance of the PTC thermistor temperature sensor :)

    Flask---> ZD-915 Heater 1.4Ω PTC Thermistor 1.6Ω

    Flask---> ZD-8915 Heater 2Ω PTC Thermistor 50Ω

    To sum up, without modifying the temperature sensor circuit and calibration, it will not be possible to replace the original with a replacement element.

    ZD-552 COB HEATER FOR ZD-985 915 917 STATION at Techrebal on alledrogo for PLN 44.19 it's dirt cheap, I don't know why talking about replacing it with a heater from another incompatible model :) Limit the electronics and replace the heater with the original one. In order not to damage the heater, test connect the bulb. A little knowledge of electronics and everything to grasp. Greetings