Refined desoldering station ZD-915

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    Refined desoldering station ZD-915

    The faulty inverter needs to be replaced with a transformer.
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    Colleagues had asked about the converter earlier. I just got undressed at the workshop. Scheme does not really want to draw on me. The inverter is based on the FSCQ1565 system, properly according to the application note, with richer input and NTC filtering.

    On the secondary side there is one winding with a double STPS20S100CT diode. There are two 2200? / 25V capacitors.
    There is no stabilizer and there is a voltage of 18V which supplies the heater section. It outputs 0, + 18V power supply (additionally filtered by a coil and capacitor), and one voltage to supply the controller in series with a 52? resistor which after charging gives about 16V.

    The inverter also has heater control. The executive system is implemented on the mosfet N type transistor: STP60NF06FP. It is controlled by a optocoupler on the display board.
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    Hi people,
    I’m new here.

    I bring this post back to life to ask for help.

    I came across this page trying to find information to repair my station. It keeps blowing the voltage controler. So changing the power supply would be a must.
    You please give a step by step procedure to change everything and the used parts. I guess the first step is getting a transformer, but which one? What outputs and power is needed?
    Thank you.