Tasmota Device Groups - connection of OpenBeken (BK7231T / BK7231N) with Tasmota

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    Hi, just 1 small issue, probably tasmota related

    Device used:
    Tasmota 4 gang switch, so85 & so88 enabled.
    Firmware 12.5.0
    Relay 1 pin & output_high configured
    Tasmota 4mb firmware (esp12s)

    1 obk bulb
    2 tasmota bulbs

    All added to the same device group, just the switch is not sending dgr to obk bulb. Tried manually sending dgr command (devgroupsend 128=1) but it didn’t work

    if i toggled any of the tasmota bulbs, it syncs just fine with obk.

    Any logs i could post here?


    My temporary solution now is to add rules to one of the tasmota bulbs to send power command based on the power state. So toggling the light switch -> toggle tasmota bulb - > toggle obk bulb

     rule1 on Power1#state=0 do DevGroupSend1 128=0 endon on Power1#state=1 do DevGroupSend1 128=1 endon
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    Hello, so you basically want OBK to automatically turn on the light on brightness/color change?
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    @p.kaczmarek2 that works just fine with other tasmota bulbs
    I just can't figure out why the wall switch isn't sending dgr to obk/obk not receiving dgr from wall switch.