[WB2L/BK7231T] Spectrum Smart E27 1500 lm 13W WOJ14473

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    [WB2L/BK7231T] Spectrum Smart E27 1500 lm 13W WOJ14473
    I have bought Spectrum Smart E27 1500 lm 13 W (Model: WOJ14473) and want to share my teardown.
    I find confusing some disassembly manuals so firstly let me share my way.
    External parts are:
    [WB2L/BK7231T] Spectrum Smart E27 1500 lm 13W WOJ14473
    1 - Tip/Pin
    2 -E27 thread with plastic hole for Tip/Pin [1]
    3 - Plastic body
    4 - transparent cover/diffusor

    First put something sharp between Tip/Pin[1] and part [2]
    [WB2L/BK7231T] Spectrum Smart E27 1500 lm 13W WOJ14473
    Pull Pin [1] out of plastic [2]
    Then You will see one of live connections:
    [WB2L/BK7231T] Spectrum Smart E27 1500 lm 13W WOJ14473
    Notice this as it has to be in place during assembly.

    This is tricky part as metal that this thread is made of is pretty thin I would suggest to put something betweet metal part of thread [2] and plastic body [3]. I have used lock-jaw pliers and covered thread with rag but thread is slightly deformed.
    [WB2L/BK7231T] Spectrum Smart E27 1500 lm 13W WOJ14473
    There is second connection wire.
    Another thing to notice is that after assembly this part will no longer hold as it previously did. You can try to pin original holes all around body to ensure good contact.

    There are diffrent ways of removing diffusor . For this bulb running thin sheet of metal between body and diffusor was no help because putty is at its botom part of diffusor .
    I manage do detach it by grabbing body with one hand and diffusor and apply force (first disassembly needs it a lot) like so:
    [WB2L/BK7231T] Spectrum Smart E27 1500 lm 13W WOJ14473
    Some people on internet find it easier to use twisting motion.
    I think that most important thigs is to place Your fingers.hand evenly on whole parts, to avoid damaging parts or Your hands.

    You will notice aluminium plate with LED on it.
    Turn Your bulb upside down. Put something relatively soft and long inside avoiding any internal electronic PCB parts". I recommend wooden crayon.
    [WB2L/BK7231T] Spectrum Smart E27 1500 lm 13W WOJ14473

    Turn You bulb once more for the the other part to crayon to hold on something (table).
    [WB2L/BK7231T] Spectrum Smart E27 1500 lm 13W WOJ14473
    And tap external part {3] (not the LED plate in center) with Your straightened hand.

    You will see 2 PCB (power PCB and MCU PCB) and LED plate.
    [WB2L/BK7231T] Spectrum Smart E27 1500 lm 13W WOJ14473
    Originally there was some putty additionally holding it together. Remove that carefully with scalpel and avoid braking SMD parts.
    After that just slide one PCB from another.
    [WB2L/BK7231T] Spectrum Smart E27 1500 lm 13W WOJ14473
    Next aim is to desolder (use soldering iron or more preferentially hot air) W2BL PCB because TX and RX is on back of PCB.
    [WB2L/BK7231T] Spectrum Smart E27 1500 lm 13W WOJ14473
    (Yeah I know something looks rusty. Cleaned it after that.)

    Programmer / WB2L
    - 3v3 to 3V3 pin*,
    - GND To GND
    - Left loose to RST (also refered as CEN)
    - TX to RX
    - RX to TX

    * I have used FTDI programmer with 3V3 output so no additional power supply was required.

    Use BK7231GUIFlashTool
    Pic COM port.
    Pic BK7231T.
    Downlaod FW *.bon file manually or from inside program.
    Flash It.


    P6 (PWM0) Set up as PWM #2
    P7 (PWM1) Set up as PWM #5
    P8 (PWM2) Set up as PWM #4
    P24 (PWM4) Set up as PWM #3
    P26 (PWM5) Set up as PWM #1
    * what i have in fact did is i have choosed this device as it seemed similar and swapped PWM 3 i 2.

    I additionally advise You to set up Flag 12 from WebUI to restore bulb to previous state after switching off and back on.

    Put everything back together reverse order keep in mind:
    - live wires should have good contact with their pin and E27 Thread.
    - placing back aluminium plate with LEDs require additional use of force to put it back evenly into body;
    - E27 thread can require pinching hole to provide reasonable friction (You will notice this if when screwing bulb thread will stay in bulb socket and rest of bulb will stay in Your hand - Yest pretty hazardous since live wires will come loose ...)
    I personally did not saw need to place putty again;

    Right now I have some issues (submitted on GitHub)it takes long time to reconnect bulb to WiFi. If You have some similar problems You can try to Use feature called Ping Watchdog.

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    Very detailed presentation, thank you. Regarding WiFi issue, we'll be looking into that soon. It's possible that in some rare cases devices might have bad calibration data.
    Altough... you're saying that only this piece has WiFi problem? Maybe a filter near antenna was physically damaged?
    I am not sure, as all of my devices seems to connect to WiFi fast enough.

    Dodano po 8 [godziny] 23 [minuty]:

    P7 (PWM1) Set up as PWM #5
    P8 (PWM2) Set up as PWM #5

    This looks incorrect. Can you clarify which is 1 and which is 5?
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    I have fixed this by editing.
    Also I did add the my initial method for other users.
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    Thank you.

    For the E27 base, I found someone in YouTube heating the base for a 1.5 minute with a lighter and it comes off easily with the heat.
    I destroyed my E27 base the first time, and I used a base from another cheap bulb with the heat method and it somehow worked.
    But try not overheat the base because it could melt the plastic between the neutral and the live (which what happened to me).

    Also when buting the base back try not to hammer it otherwise the plastic between the neutral and the live will come off.

    I tried searching AliExpress for these E27 Base but it seems no one is selling them.
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    Searching Aliexpress for E27 bases.... wait, you mean just the base part, as a replacement? At first I was confused and i thought you are looking for entire bulbs.

    I haven't seen anyone selling E27 bulb bases on Alie, but maybe it's worth checking old broken non-smart E27 bulbs? Would the base be compatible? I am curious myself, I will check this out when I find some old non-smart bulbs.
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    Yes, I was looking for just the screw part but didn't find it. I've seen some Indian sites selling it but I don't think it's easily shipped worldwide from there
    From what I can tell the base is the same across all LED bulbs that have the plastic housing, it's just crimped on the plastic housing.
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    I've found an old non-smart E27 bulb and it seems that it's using the same parts:
    [WB2L/BK7231T] Spectrum Smart E27 1500 lm 13W WOJ14473 [WB2L/BK7231T] Spectrum Smart E27 1500 lm 13W WOJ14473 [WB2L/BK7231T] Spectrum Smart E27 1500 lm 13W WOJ14473 [WB2L/BK7231T] Spectrum Smart E27 1500 lm 13W WOJ14473 [WB2L/BK7231T] Spectrum Smart E27 1500 lm 13W WOJ14473 [WB2L/BK7231T] Spectrum Smart E27 1500 lm 13W WOJ14473
    so maybe they could be reused if needed, the bottom pin is also the same...
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    Yes, that what I did. I got another base from cheap bulb

    I also found a better way to remove the base, which leaves the E27 base and the bulb intact from any harm
    I have one of those E27 holders

    You just screw the bulb in and apply force to break the base, just as if you were using a pliers

    I got the idea from this guy, but he used a 26mm socket where I used a holder
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    The chip number is something like:

    ANNAR 4.1
    Letters are not sharp enough under magnifying glass so I will check it later under microscope.
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    It seems that this product uses an integrated LED controller with a I2C-like protocol - KP18068.
    [WB2L/BK7231T] Spectrum Smart E27 1500 lm 13W WOJ14473
    Sample bulb diagram:
    [WB2L/BK7231T] Spectrum Smart E27 1500 lm 13W WOJ14473
    [WB2L/BK7231T] Spectrum Smart E27 1500 lm 13W WOJ14473
    [WB2L/BK7231T] Spectrum Smart E27 1500 lm 13W WOJ14473
    I have extracted pin roles from the binary:
    - SCL - P7
    - SDA - P8
    - mapping RGBCW: 1 2 0 4 3

    Unfortunately, KP18068 is not currently supported. I haven't examined its protocol in detail, but it is unlikely to be compatible with the chips currently supported by OpenBeken.

    I would be happy to add support for KP18068, but I probably can't do it remotely. I would need to somehow obtain a product with that specific driver. I could try ordering the same lamp from the same store as you, but as you mention that the manufacturer secretly changes the electronics inside, it might be difficult because if I receive a different version than what you have, I won't be able to help.

    What is the exact model of your device? Where was it bought?
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    I can try doing driver remotely but we need to OCR images from there:
    I tried with one but the tool I used is not automatic enough and I had to put text in Paint...
    [WB2L/BK7231T] Spectrum Smart E27 1500 lm 13W WOJ14473
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    OK. Here are some ocr readings with google lens. Let me know if it's worth something.

    [WB2L/BK7231T] Spectrum Smart E27 1500 lm 13W WOJ14473 [WB2L/BK7231T] Spectrum Smart E27 1500 lm 13W WOJ14473 [WB2L/BK7231T] Spectrum Smart E27 1500 lm 13W WOJ14473 [WB2L/BK7231T] Spectrum Smart E27 1500 lm 13W WOJ14473 [WB2L/BK7231T] Spectrum Smart E27 1500 lm 13W WOJ14473 [WB2L/BK7231T] Spectrum Smart E27 1500 lm 13W WOJ14473 [WB2L/BK7231T] Spectrum Smart E27 1500 lm 13W WOJ14473
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    It doesn't look complete for me, but it is not a fault of your translation, but the whole page doesn't seem complete. I don't see the addresses of the registers like in SM2235, etc. It would be helpful to get a logic analyzer capture from original device with Tuya firmware, but I will double check linked pages first.
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    Recently we had LED on KP18058 (not on KP18068) and managed to do the analysis:
    Maybe the KP18058 driver will also handle KP18068 ...?
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    According to this user's report:
    KP18068 and KP18058 have the same protocol.

    @linian can you check?
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    Hi Gents.

    I bought what seems exactly identical bulb in my local shop.
    It is sold under a brand name "Eveready" Smart Bulb. It has BK7231N and KP18068 (ESSP) I2C driver, exactly the one you are talking about.

    I managed to get them detached and flashed with ESPhome using cloud cutter.
    As you have mentioned, there seems to be no support for the driver yet.

    I am happy to buy one or two and send them to any address in EU if it would help in making them work in ESPhome.
    I definitely have not enough knowledge to make this happen myself, but would be happy to support any advancement.
    Many thanks

    Added after 18 [minutes]:

    I can provide the bulb. Guaranteed BK7231N with KP18068 on the same board. Please PM if you would be interested. Thanks!
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    Hello, thank you for your offer, but the KP18068 is supposedly the same as KP18058, it is already working, please see update:
    Steps to get KP18068/KP18058 working:
    1. flash OBK to the device
    2. choose correct pins:
    [WB2L/BK7231T] Spectrum Smart E27 1500 lm 13W WOJ14473
    3. use map command to change order of colors if needed:
    KP18058_Map 0 1 2 3 4