[BL602] [SM2135] Surplife APP RGB+WW+CW bulb

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  • This a $5.2 bulb I got from Amazon.sa
    Unfortunately, this bulb seems to be a no name brand but it does use the Surplife APP. Sorry I don't have further information about it.

    [BL602] [SM2135] Surplife APP RGB+WW+CW bulb [BL602] [SM2135] Surplife APP RGB+WW+CW bulb

    I was hoping to get BK7231T or BK7231N just so I can try Tuya Cloudcutter but this bulb came with a BL602 module BL-M5 V1.2
    The bulb also uses a SM2135 LED Controller
    [BL602] [SM2135] Surplife APP RGB+WW+CW bulb [BL602] [SM2135] Surplife APP RGB+WW+CW bulb [BL602] [SM2135] Surplife APP RGB+WW+CW bulb

    Since this is a BL602 chip I had to remove the module from the board to get to the flashing pins on the back of the module

    [BL602] [SM2135] Surplife APP RGB+WW+CW bulb

    I used a soldering iron to remove it but I think it would be easier with a hot air station.
    To flash the chip, I used USB to TTL adapter

    TX -- RX
    RX -- TX
    Ground -- Ground
    3.3 V -- 3.3V
    Boot -- 3.3 only during flashing (I see other post saying a 10k resistor should be used but I couldn’t get the flashing complete unless I connected boot to 3.3v directly)

    Here is more detailed post

    After flashing this is the pins for this bulb

    [BL602] [SM2135] Surplife APP RGB+WW+CW bulb

    This is the second bulb I have with BL602 (first on is a sonoff B05-BL-A19), with both bulb the brightness is low after flashing OpenBeken.
    I used (BP5758D_Current 50) command for the sonoff to adjust the brightness

    But for the SM2135 controller I used the command (SM2135_Current 6 2)

    But still the RGB collors need to be calibrated and I havn't done that.

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    Thank you for your interesting review. It's nice to see that OpenBL602 can be really useful for some people. I'm happy that it works even with LED drivers.
    Btw, we'll be adding SM2235 soon as well (it's like SM2135 but with 10bit colour precision instead of 8 bit).

    Regarding calibration, that feature was submitted by a contributor, so I can only point you towards: https://github.com/openshwprojects/OpenBK7231T_App/blob/main/docs/led_gamma_control.md
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    @p.kaczmarek2 I appreciate all the hard work you’ve done for OpenBeken software and your support in the community.

    Regarding the RGB Colors, I changed the map to "SM2135_Map 0 1 2 4 3" and did the calibration and I think it's emitting the right colors now.

    I also changed the minimum brightness to "brtMinCW 0.40%" because the bulb turned off when I select brightness of 7 and below

    I ordered a few bulbs from AliExpress and I will do a review on them when they arrive.

    I just hope the color temperature is 2700k because this bulb said 2700k but my eyes see 3000k. The Sonoff bulb was close to 2700k though.