[BL602] [SM2135] Surplife APP RGB+WW+CW bulb

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  • This a $5.2 bulb I got from Amazon.sa
    Unfortunately, this bulb seems to be a no name brand but it does use the Surplife APP. Sorry I don't have further information about it.

    [BL602] [SM2135] Surplife APP RGB+WW+CW bulb [BL602] [SM2135] Surplife APP RGB+WW+CW bulb

    I was hoping to get BK7231T or BK7231N just so I can try Tuya Cloudcutter but this bulb came with a BL602 module BL-M5 V1.2
    The bulb also uses a SM2135 LED Controller
    [BL602] [SM2135] Surplife APP RGB+WW+CW bulb [BL602] [SM2135] Surplife APP RGB+WW+CW bulb [BL602] [SM2135] Surplife APP RGB+WW+CW bulb

    Since this is a BL602 chip I had to remove the module from the board to get to the flashing pins on the back of the module

    [BL602] [SM2135] Surplife APP RGB+WW+CW bulb

    I used a soldering iron to remove it but I think it would be easier with a hot air station.
    To flash the chip, I used USB to TTL adapter

    TX -- RX
    RX -- TX
    Ground -- Ground
    3.3 V -- 3.3V
    Boot -- 3.3 only during flashing (I see other post saying a 10k resistor should be used but I couldn’t get the flashing complete unless I connected boot to 3.3v directly)

    Here is more detailed post

    After flashing this is the pins for this bulb

    [BL602] [SM2135] Surplife APP RGB+WW+CW bulb

    This is the second bulb I have with BL602 (first on is a sonoff B05-BL-A19), with both bulb the brightness is low after flashing OpenBeken.
    I used (BP5758D_Current 50) command for the sonoff to adjust the brightness

    But for the SM2135 controller I used the command (SM2135_Current 6 2)

    But still the RGB collors need to be calibrated and I havn't done that.

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    Thank you for your interesting review. It's nice to see that OpenBL602 can be really useful for some people. I'm happy that it works even with LED drivers.
    Btw, we'll be adding SM2235 soon as well (it's like SM2135 but with 10bit colour precision instead of 8 bit).

    Regarding calibration, that feature was submitted by a contributor, so I can only point you towards: https://github.com/openshwprojects/OpenBK7231T_App/blob/main/docs/led_gamma_control.md
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    @p.kaczmarek2 I appreciate all the hard work you’ve done for OpenBeken software and your support in the community.

    Regarding the RGB Colors, I changed the map to "SM2135_Map 0 1 2 4 3" and did the calibration and I think it's emitting the right colors now.

    I also changed the minimum brightness to "brtMinCW 0.40%" because the bulb turned off when I select brightness of 7 and below

    I ordered a few bulbs from AliExpress and I will do a review on them when they arrive.

    I just hope the color temperature is 2700k because this bulb said 2700k but my eyes see 3000k. The Sonoff bulb was close to 2700k though.
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    I have the same lamp, bought in pack of 4 and the set arrived with a remote control that seems to be using RF to send data as I can't find any IR receiver on the board. the LED controller (?) on mine is BP5758.
    Is there any support for remote control in this firmware?

    [BL602] [SM2135] Surplife APP RGB+WW+CW bulb
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    We have IR but the interrupt is not ported yet for BL602, I would need to look into that.

    The BP5758 configuration is similar like here:

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    As I said it's not an IR remote, seems to be RF remote with just a red LED and even if I cover the LED, the remote function without any issues, I'll try to dump the firmware but first I have to figure out how to do it on this chip!

    Added after 16 [minutes]:

    I just checked inside the remote, As suspected, it's RF Remote with an antenna, sanded chip without marking and JWT 24,000C12 Crystal.

    Added after 10 [hours] 22 [minutes]:

    Update: The remote control is using Bluetooth (mesh?) feature of BL602 to control the bulb features, I will post a tear down of the bulb and remote control tomorrow.
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    I have that exact same bulb, bought the 4 pack, i tried flashing two of them. Flashing was successfull however it got into a bootloop, and no wifi access point.
    Followed the video, followed your recomendation to not use a 10k resistor, and as i said the flash went through, but no good after that.
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    Are you using your FTDI adapter to power the chip? if you are using it, the adapter mostly doesn't have enough juice to power it.
    If that's the case and your flash was successful, try reinstalling the module to the bulb. Access point should appear.
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    @Zain00 you have very good point, if he powered it from some kind of UART to USB adapter, then it may indeed bootloop
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    @Zain00 @p.kaczmarek2 You were absolutely right, I re-soldered the chip back into its original bulb and there it was the AccessPoint. Thanx for the help!
    I hope this helps guys.
    DON'T use FTDI / USB to UART to power these chips (or at least the BL-M5 V1.2)

    Added after 27 [minutes]:

    @Jinaria What was your module configuration, because mine have the same controller as yours.

    Added after 19 [minutes]:

    Did you manage to get the RF controller working for these bulbs, i have the same one but with another led driver, but im guessing the RF is about the same
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    By the way, it's important to note that SM2135_Current arguments are not raw values, they are entries from the following table:
    #define SM2135_10MA         0x00
    #define SM2135_15MA         0x01
    #define SM2135_20MA         0x02  // RGB max current (Chip default)
    #define SM2135_25MA         0x03
    #define SM2135_30MA         0x04  // CW max current (Chip default)
    #define SM2135_35MA         0x05
    #define SM2135_40MA         0x06
    #define SM2135_45MA         0x07  // Max value for RGB
    #define SM2135_50MA         0x08
    #define SM2135_55MA         0x09
    #define SM2135_60MA         0x0A

    SM2135 CurrentHex Value
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    I just got my first BL602 smart bulb today, not from Sonoff but from "CozyLife" (via the aliexpress 3 for 6 dollar deal). After getting the diffuser off to identify the chip, I'm a bit hesitant to disassemble it further - everything just looks too fragile. So as always, I'd like to try Tuyacloudcutter but I couldn't find an imagefile on github for cloudcutter for this chip. Could you be so kind to add one, even if it were just for latest version that has the HA double naming issue addressed? Or is it not possible to flash it with cloudcutter?
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    It is totally impossible to flash it with cloudcutter. It's most likely even non-Tuya SDK. You have to do this:
    You can also see our second bulb video:
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    @jrhenk do you have a link for that? i assumed they'd still be using esp for their homekit firmware because I have cozylife downlight with esp8285
    As for the bulb teardown, you can use something like this to remove the bottom cap, insert 3/4 in then pull slightly until they pop off. Easier to put the cap back in, and less damaging than using pliers.

    [BL602] [SM2135] Surplife APP RGB+WW+CW bulb
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    Thanks for this info - I guess that explains why I wasn't able to connect it with the tuya app for 10 minutes, after that I gave up. Also thanks for the links to the disassembling and flashing guide. Seems like a longer adventure I need to find time for but an interesting challenge :)

    Added after 10 [minutes]:

    Yeah it's still strange that so many different chips doing the same thing are being used and I bet it's just due to pennies in difference. I got this one, but for roughly half the price using the app - so if the attempts flashing it fail, it will be no big loss https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005005730079037.html

    Interesting little device you showed there, that indeed should help with the process! Funny enough the other day I watched a random video why the ones underneath exist in the US where you sometimes seem to find light sockets at the bottom of a wall - it's the inverted version of what you showed :)
    [BL602] [SM2135] Surplife APP RGB+WW+CW bulb
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    On closer inspection of the product page and the packaging I noticed that there is indeed no "works with tuya" logo anywhere. This is a first for me and seems I was just lucky until now, but this surely improved my aliexpress skills and I will look for this from now on. It's interesting in so far, as there are bulbs for the same price that work with tuya.
    Now I'm wondering: Are there nevertheless devices out there with a BL602, W800 or W600 chip that do work with tuya? If not I'd say we could carefully assume that "works with tuya" is equal to featuring a BK7231T or BK7231N chip, which would be a good finding.
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    BL602 is usually for ewelink from my previous purchase