[Youtube] How to use CH341 SPI flash reader and how to easily desolder SPI memory without hot air

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  • [Youtube] How to use CH341 SPI flash reader and how to easily desolder SPI memory without hot air
    Here's a short 25VQ16ATIG flash memory reading/writing tutorial with CH341 dongle and Neoprogrammer software. Video also includes desoldering/soldering guide for a memory in SOIC/SOP package. The method shown here can be used for any SPI memory, including BIOS from a computer motherboard, but here we will use an IoT device WiFi module as an example. Keep in mind that similar method can be used to swap SPI memory for a larger one for ESP8266 modules.

    Before we begin, I'd also like to note that some of CH341 programmer versions might use 5V voltage levels on SPI lines which may not be expected by SPI flash memory chips, so if you want to be on the safe side, consider getting newest CH341 version or doing a 3.3V mod for the older one. We may also cover this topic in a future.

    Here's the tutorial:

    Please also remember that there is a possibility of flashing without soldering, CH341 comes with a clips, but in some cases it may not be a reliable approach.

    Here's a Github repository with CH341 tools:

    Thank you for watching. If you have any experience with CH341, let us know. You may also visit our Youtube channel and watch our other IoT-related videos. See you!

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    p.kaczmarek2 wrote:
    some versions of the CH341 programmer may use 5V voltage levels on the SPI lines, which SPI flash chips may not expect, so if you have concerns, consider buying the latest CH341 version or making a 3.3V mod for the older version (just switch the power supply and mode to 3.3V ).

    The matter is even more complicated with systems that require 2.5 or 1.8V, and for some time there are more and more of them even in quite unsophisticated electronic devices.
    The programmer at first glance looks really good, but in practice the adapters for lower voltages are a must at the start.
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    Recently I had the need to program Flash to 1.8V. Due to the fact that I did not have any programmer that supports this type of memory, I quickly soldered a makeshift one according to this description: http://rayer.g6.cz/elektro/spipgm.htm
    The memory connected to the spider was easily detected and programmed correctly.
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    The best program in my opinion for the CH341 is the Ch341Programmer_v 1.38 [Youtube] How to use CH341 SPI flash reader and how to easily desolder SPI memory without hot air