VU-dial indicator

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    I will not give you a hint here, I do not use any program when designing tiles.
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    I don't know about Kickad, but in Eagle you can do it in two ways; or by selecting the JUMPER item from the library and selecting the appropriate length element in it. Another option is to go to the other side of the path (elements) - it is good to determine the size of the via and its diameter right away.
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    elektronik.b wrote:
    And how to make a jumper in kicad? because I read here on the forum and also on another that it is impossible to make a jumper in this program.

    KiCad's symbol libraries contain several jumpers. On the other hand, you select the footprint from the "Wire_connections_bridges" library and adjust the dimensions of the pads to your needs (the footprint length does not change).
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    KiCad is so convenient that after selecting the so-called In the footprint, you can also edit the shape and size of the pads (and, if necessary, the size of the hole). This is what I like about this program.
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    I put a version of the board with two indicator drivers on one PCB, maybe someone will need it ...
    One connection should be made underneath with a cable (marked in red in the second picture). There are also incorrect "-" and "+" markings next to the bridge, initially the PCB was to be powered from symmetrical DC voltage, I added the bridge then and I forgot to remove the markings. The thermal transfer file is now valid.


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    Do I know anyone where I can make a scale to an indicator? I have to change four values so that stupidity doesn't show.
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    And what is this indicator? As a rule, the scales mounted in them are adapted to the magnetic system.