[Youtube] Easy desoldering method (without hot air) for SMD WiFi modules like WB3S, TYWE3S, CB3S

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  • [Youtube] Easy desoldering method (without hot air) for SMD WiFi modules like WB3S, TYWE3S, CB3S
    This video shows how anyone (even beginners) can desolder SMD WiFi module at home and solder new one in it's place. Only basic tools are used, no hot air is required. You will need a basic, cheap soldering iron, some flux, some extra Pb solder and, soldering wick and a PCB cleaner. Our video will guide you step by step through the process.
    Video was created per user request - I've been asked how would I desolder a TYWE3S-footprint module so here's my answer

    Before watching the video, please remember:
    - this method (just as all the others), if used incorrectly, can break your PCB and WiFi module
    - don't use force while taking off the WiFI module, that way you can tear off the pads, you should remove WiFi module only once the solder melts, not earlier
    - first please try this method on scrap boards to get some experience (desolder SOIC8, SOIC16 chips, etc)
    - do not overheat the PCB (try with lower temperatures first, choose a fitting one experimentally, your choice will also depend on the kind of soldering iron tip you have)
    - do not attempt this method without using flux or extra Pb solder (they are used for a purpose - to make desoldering easier)
    - this method could be also used with a Chip Quik desoldering alloy, but from my experience, that alloy is expensive and is not required for desoldering such modules. Just any Pb solder should be ok - I am using SN60Pb40.
    - do not skip cleaning the pads, do both old solder removal with soldering wick and then clean the PCB with IPA/PCB cleaner

    Here is the video:

    I was using this process to swap a bricked WB3S with CB3S. Both of those modules can run OpenBeken easily:
    Bricked WB3S was later recovered with method described here:
    BK7231T/BK7231N can be flashed with this simple Windows tool:

    When to use this method?
    - When you want to swap one module for another (for example, a non supported one with a supported)
    - When you brick your module and want to swap with a working one (as above)
    - When you have a TuyaMCU device that is using UART of WiFi module and blocks programming (then you can desolder the module and flash it outside the circuit)

    Thank you for watching. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. You can also give us suggestions on the next video topic.
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