[BK7231T/WB2S] Feit Smart Plug from Costco BPPLUG/WIFI/3

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  • [BK7231T/WB2S] Feit Smart Plug from Costco BPPLUG/WIFI/3
    I was finally able to successfully flash this smart plug from Costco. Purchased as a 3-pack, there are several variants out there, but I wanted to share with the world the success I now had.

    Feit Smart Plug from Costco BPPLUG/WIFI/3

    Flashed OpenBK7231T/OpenBeken release 1.15.307 using OTA via Tuya-Cloudcutter.

    My cloudcutter host is a Raspberry Pi 3b+ and after pulling recent updates from the cloudcutter repo, it now has a pair of device profiles under Feit for two variants of this smart plug. Mine has the WB2S module which is BK7231T, but there is another profile for the N variant. These took a while to get a working profile because they exhibited an odd combination of Tuya firmware and developer kit versions.

    Ok, so using the updated profile for my plug variant, I was able to exploit OTA, install 1.15.307, and configure for my network. I am using HomeBridge + MQTT to expose this to Apple HomeKit. I used the following module cornfugraiton to make the plug work (it has a single momentary switch, LED):

    P10 (RXD1)=LED_n,0
    P24 (PWM4)=Rel,0
    P26 (PWM5)=Btn,0,0

    Once configured for my Wifi, MQTT setup for my broker, and using the above module config, the plug works great, relay switches appropriately (outlet on and off) and the LED turns on when the relay does!

    Not sure why LED_n works--my understanding was that _n is for reverse logic. . . Maybe LED is sufficient on P10? The LED should lit (blue) when the switch/relay is enabled (power to the outlet) which it is.

    [BK7231T/WB2S] Feit Smart Plug from Costco BPPLUG/WIFI/3

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    Hello, thanks, LED_n is an inversed LEN. Depending on the connections on the board, LED_n will light up when Relay is on or when it's off. Just choose LED_n or LED depending on expected behaviour.
    You can also always just choose wifi led - if you prefer to know the wifi state and not the relay state just by looking.

    I will just write down here important IDs of this device:
    Item: BPPLUG/WIFI/3
    IC ID: 20416-PLUGWIFIG2
    Wow, that device has a FCC ID report! Nice.
    SYW-PLUGWI...manual.pdf Download (4.31 MB)
    Internal photos (old photos, still with TYWE2S!):
    SYW-PLUGWI...ternal.pdf Download (1.24 MB)
    external photos:
    SYW-PLUGWI...ternal.pdf Download (448.15 kB)
    Very nice and well documented plug. Thanks for sharing.
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    Thanks on the WiFi LED. That is way more useful.

    As for the FCC docs, the photos show an ESP module which we know is wrong, so they are no longer accurate. I find it odd and a little sneaky that they can switch the module to BK and use the same FCC ID.
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    We also have a feature request for a 'generic state LED', which is a special LED that blinks if WiFI error occurs (no connection or safe mode enabled) and otherwise reflects relay state (if wifi is OK). Do you think that would be useful?

    It is indeed strange they kept the same FCC ID. It's not the first time, I saw the same happen to TreatLife Intertek wall switch. By the way, do you know any other instances where they switched the module to BK?
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    The blinking LED seems like a good feature.

    As for other module swaps, yes. Feit also made RGBWW bulbs sold at Costco. These initially had ESP modules a few years ago but when I bought them, they had switched to BK. I have 8 and some are Ts and some are N chips. This swap is well documented on Blackadder site.

    I was able to flash all of the bulbs with OpenBK using cloudcutter.