[Youtube] Automatic GPIO template extraction/setting for BK7231/OpenBeken devices

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  • [Youtube] Automatic GPIO template extraction/setting for BK7231/OpenBeken devices
    Latest OpenBeken devices can be automatically configured with just a few clicks - figuring out device template manually is no longer needed. OpenBeken is now able to extract Tuya JSON configuration and import it for most of the devices available in the market.
    In the past, in order to, for example, figure out to which GPIO relay is connected, users had to either check the device PCB and follow traces, or resort to guessing (preferably with GPIODoctor), but now it's no longer the case!
    Recent OpenBeken version is able to extract Tuya Config Partition, which is available in device flash memory, even after flashing OpenBeken - OpenBeken does not overwrite it!
    After extracting the partition, you can decode it with out flasher, get it here:
    and then you can import it into OpenBeken Web App, see Import tab.

    Here's a video guide for whole process:

    The following method works for both devices flashed via WiFi, and for devices flashed via wires.

    You can also do the similar approach, but instead of getting binary from OpenBeken Web App, you can get 2MB flash backup directly from BK7231GUIFlashTool, it will work in the same way.

    The following way is constantly improved and we are still adding parsing of new Tuya Config sections, so if something is missing, report it to us and submit your cfg partition for research, thanks!

    Also keep in mind that custom Tuya devices/TuyaMCU devices don't store their configuration in Tuya config partition, so they still have to be configured manually. For TuyaMCU ones, you may consider using this tool:

    Thank you for attention. We hope this automatic template extraction will ease your start with your new smart devices and save you a significant amount of time, but remember - you still have to double check config to make sure it's correct and complete.

    PS: If you extract a config for a device not yet listed here:
    feel free to post it to our forum with some basic information, we're still working on our teardowns list, even while automatic configuration is available.

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