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    Hi team, I flashed OpenBK7231N on AI Smart Remote Control (model:IH-F8260), received from Aliexpress and it's working with Home Assistant very well with the configuration below:
      "vendor": "Tuya",
      "bDetailed": "0",
      "name": "AI Smart Remote Control",
      "model": "IH-F8260",
      "chip": "BK7231N",
      "board": "TODO",
      "flags": "4244480",
      "keywords": [
      "pins": {
        "7": "IRRecv;0",
        "8": "WifiLED;0",
        "26": "IRSend;0"
      "command": "startdriver IR",
      "image": "https://obrazki.elektroda.pl/YOUR_IMAGE.jpg",
      "wiki": "https://www.elektroda.com/rtvforum/topic_YOUR_TOPIC.html"
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    danielvedovato wrote:
    good evening everyone, I ask if you can help me convert this raw data {"IrReceived":{"Protocol":"PulseDistance","Bits":24,"Data":"0xAB054F"}} into an IRSend command to be sent via MQTT.

    hello everyone, is there really no one who can help me?
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    Hello. Thank you for your firmware. I want to use it with my suzuki air conditioner. This is not a popular model of air conditioners, but the TCL air conditioner remote control fits it. When I try to accept commands from the remote, I get this result:
    Debug:IR:IR decode returned true, protocol 0
    Debug:IR: Hash=0x0
    Debug:IR:0 bits (incl. gap and start) received
    Debug:IR:IR decode returned true, protocol UNKNOWN (0)
    Info:IR:IR IR_UNKNOWN 0x0 0

    Is there any workaround so I can use my air conditioner?

    Chipset: BK7231N
    Build: 1.17.11
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    Can someone help with MQTT command formatting?

    Testing a button on my TV remote.
    Using the following in the web app command box works great
    IRSend NEC-4-2-0

    When the button is pressed on the remote I get this output in the log

    Info:MQTT:Publishing val IR_NEC 0x4 0x2 0 to obkFFAEEEED/ir/get retain=0
    Info:IR:IR MQTT publish IR_NEC 0x4 0x2 0 took 5ms
    Info:MQTT:Publishing val {"IrReceived":{"Protocol":"NEC","Bits":32,"Data":"0xFD02FB04"}} to obkFFAEEEED/RESULT retain=0
    Info:MQTT:MQTT client in mqtt_incoming_publish_cb topic obkFFAEEEED/ir/get

    If I send the following MQTT publish command
    cmnd/obkFFAEEEED/irsend {"Protocol":"NEC","Bits":32,"Data":"0xFD02FB04","Repeat":2}

    I get this result in the log
    Info:MQTT:MQTT client in mqtt_incoming_publish_cb topic cmnd/obkFFAEEEED/irsend {"Protocol":"NEC","Bits":32,"Data":"0xFD02FB04","Repeat":2}
    Error:IR:IRSend cmnd not valid [] not like [NEC-0-1A] or [NEC 0 1A 1].

    What needs changing in the publish command?

    Added after 33 [minutes]:


    Format as follows works

       - unique_id: "OpenBK7231N_FFAEEEED_IR_LG_TV_VolUp"
         name: "OpenBK7231N_FFAEEEED_IR_LG_TV_VolUp"
         command_topic: "cmnd/obkFFAEEEED/IRSend"
         qos: 1
         payload_on: NEC-4-2-0
         payload_off: NEC-4-2-0
         retain: false