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    For your information: Micropython on the W600 is not dead. It is kept up to date on Robert Hammelraths GitHub as a Link branch to the actual Micropython.

    We are at MP version 1.20. I managed to increase available memory in MP from 45K to > 85K (better than ESP8266).
    Also the @arm_thumb, @native and @Vip'er function decorators (allowing higher execution speeds) are now functional.
    There is a neopixel module available.
    I'm currently testing if all functionality is really working and how aggressively one may take more memory from FreeRTOS for Micropython.

    Help is sought for ways to tailor down the usage of RAM in the upper 128 K memory area, which is currently used, among others, for SPI, DMA and WLAN buffers.


    R. Kompass