Spectral clock - Propeller Clock

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  • Moyshaa
    Level 14  
    3-terminal engine.
    2A power supply.
    I have 2 TDA and both are the same.
    TDA warms up a bit hard to say if it's too strong (40-45 degrees "on the finger"), because I do not know what temp should have.
    Capacitors - OMG! Instead of in the order CD DC ST TI soldered in reverse.

    Tomorrow, when I buy a new and decent sucker, it will inform about what came out.

    Thanks for the help. I sorry for the inattention I needed her.


    However, I sold them today. Of course, it works. Thanks again.
  • mateo238
    Level 9  
    I made a simple spectral display. However, when I try to display something on it, the image doubles (I want to display the letter F and I get FF). What can this result from? We attach the code (for the moment very poor). Help.

    [syntax=c] #include

    volatile char counter = 0;
    char table [6];

    ISR (INT0_vect)
    count = 0;

    ISR (TIMER1_OVF_vect)
    TCNT1 = 65490;
    if (count
  • Moyshaa
    Level 14  
    Everything is beautiful, but why do not you write comments?

    [code:1:5a7ee9b75b]MCUCR |= 1
  • mateo238
    Level 9  
    Actually there was a problem here. Thanks a lot!

    PS. I did not write comments because I said that the project is so poor so far that there is nothing to comment on.
  • sliderps
    Level 15  
    a really cool project - I used to create a DIY construction myself


    Now we started classes Microprocessors and microcontrollers and we agreed to do it for the spectral clock. As it is a really interesting project - we do not know how to do it. So far the lecturer has given us a list of items that we have to buy + the old disk that we have to use. Question, what elements did the author of the project use exactly and how much did it cost? is it difficult to assemble and braze elements apart from programming it in C?
  • User removed account
    Level 1  
  • krzysiek841
    Level 11  
    Hello dear colleagues!

    I would like to submit such a clock in RGB version made in smd technology, on the atmega32L-8AU microcontroller. I already have a microcontroller and 20 smd rgb diodes with a common anode. I would ask colleagues for any ideas about the scheme and software that I could use. I intend to do the clock very professionally with attention to detail. I would like it to have smooth transitions between the colors, the ability to set the selected color in the menu by increasing or decreasing the display of each color. It would obviously be controlled by the rc5 remote control and would have a non-contact transformer as the power supply. I would also like to be able to upload and display subtitles, graphics, etc. I would also like to take into account that the diodes closest to the center seem to shine brighter than those at the end of the arm and reduce this effect. I was thinking to start with a version with 16 diodes, later maybe 24 and 32. I have different types of fans, also the use of a hard drive engine would come into play (I have one such copy that immediately turns around and does not need a head to work
    ). With the soldering iron I already had a lot to deal with and SMD assembly is not a problem for me. The project would be quite extensive, so I would ask for help. The parts I can buy are also a different microcontroller (additional memory, etc.) I can design and execute the board, only please help me in making the diagram and software

  • sarsik87
    Level 11  
    How to check what is the frequency of rotation of the slug ?? What gas could I use instead of hdd to be relatively small but had more strength (gave more speed) ??
  • robotonic3d
    Level 1  
    Please, I need a list of materials and PCB layout maybe a design or schematic or photo that make the PCB and the porfa grateful is the best design I've ever seen and I hope that thanks to your reply in advance.

    I am looking forward to seeing you on the PCB and it's the best project I can ever see.
  • Moyshaa
    Level 14  
    When you do not use punctuation, the translator can not translate correctly, and what you write sounds funny and is difficult to understand.
    What you need is in the post # 72 .
    If you do not use punctuation marks, the translator can not translate properly, and it is hard to understand.
    What you need is in post # 72 .
  • RazoR253
    Level 9  
    Could someone create .pdf files with the top and bottom layers of the rotor?
    For nothing I can not handle the protela service.
  • heop
    Level 2  
    Has someone design a dxf board. or in some other way that only paths are drawn with vectors?
  • bobek19926
    Level 8  
    Could someone throw the design of the engine driver and propeller in the .brd file?
    To play the Eagle program.
  • Milos8905
    Level 2  
    Can somebody send me PCB scheme of this project? Thank you
  • samito22
    Level 1  
    hi, somebody can send me the part list et PCB scheme of this project?
    thank you.
  • Milos8905
    Level 2  
    Which programmer you use for this microcontroller ATMEGA32? I can't find any programmer in Serbia for it. Can you send schematic for programmer? Tnx
  • Milos8905
    Level 2  
    Can I use programmer http://programatory-usb.pl/ for SMD Atmega32? Can you explain me how to connect my microchip with programmer, and everything whit it, because I'm new in this... Thank you...
  • psooya
    Level 38  
    I have not read the entire thread (7 pages) but I like the design and I have an interesting idea. To power the uC, a stepper motor mounted in the axis of the motor driving the display could be used. One would have to do so, for example, to fix the stator to the ground, and the axis of the drive motor passes through the stepper axis and drives it and the plate. Probably it could be better to come up with, but I came up with this at the moment and I am suggesting for the future.
  • H2QA
    Level 1  
    How to set time?
    This circuit you can remote?

    Added after 3 [minutes]:

    How do you set the time?
    This system can be a pilot?
  • DJCheester
    Level 16  
    Hello, I'm going to make such a clock, however, I do not have a protela and I have a request if anyone could share the path layout in pdf-e so that I could print (laser) on chalk paper and etch the PCB. Thank you in advance for your time ...
  • psychoticpolice
    Level 1  
    what program did you use to open it
    [/ B]
  • mwp05
    Level 11  
    Colleagues, I give up, for a few days I have been fighting files from the first page:
    BLCD Driver.ddb and PropClock_v2.Ddb and I have achieved little beyond the clutter on the disk.
    Before yesterday, I was able to see the PCB print together with the elements but I could not separate it to have two files separately. Thermal transfer print and assembly description.

    At this point I am at the starting point, i.e. I cleaned the disk from all versions of the protel, viewer and ... and I am at the starting point, i.e. with nothing.

    Would anyone be so nice and put in the thread these files in pdf,
    I mean BLCD Driver.ddb and PropClock_v2.Ddb (print view and assembly view of elements).
    If someone has been working on this scheme, it can be in eagle or KiCad's because I doubt that there will be some conventors.
  • Latino33
    Level 1  
    I warmly welcome!
    First of all, I'm very impressed with this watch. The project is amazing and (as you can see) it is very popular. I have been following this forum for a long time and decided to start doing something. I am a complete amateur and the only thing I could do is soldering. Therefore, I think that if I throw myself in deep water and devote some time to this watch, I will learn a lot.

    So yes: regarding the post above. On page 3 of this topic, a colleague Slaby inserted photos from these files in a .pdf file.

    And now my question. Could someone write or where I can buy such a plate for a propeller. As I said, I can not do much, that's why I'm asking for basics. A plate from a photo based on this lamp could probably be done by yourself. But I do not know about the propeller completely

    I am asking for an answer and once again Hello
  • mwp05
    Level 11  
    Latino33 wrote:

    So yes: regarding the post above. On page 3 of this topic, a colleague Slaby inserted photos from these files in a .pdf file.

    Well ... I can only see a pdf with schematics but it does not matter anymore, I will look for something else.
  • hetm4n
    Level 20  
    Hello, I put this clock on the air traffic and it works, but I have a problem, DS does not count down the time, it shows 00.00.80, I just uploaded the flash author, eeprom can not upload because avrstudio4 pops up that the eeprom file is empty.

    and here is a link to the video how it works.

  • mb1988
    Level 12  

    First, congratulations on modifications. With your power supply solution, the watch is much quieter than mine. Secondly, it's nice that someone after five years is still digging this (unfinished) project and trying to do something about it

    The mysterious hour 00:00:80 is a familiar mystery in the case of DS1307. This strange eight is the oldest bit in the seconds register. Quoting the datasheet
    Bit 7 of Register 0 is the clock halt (CH) bit. When this bit is set to 1, the oscillator is disabled. When cleared to 0, the oscillator is enabled. The first and last registers are typically reset to 01/01/00 01 00:00:00 (MM / DD / YY DOW HH: MM: SS). The register will be set to a 1.

    This means that it is not so much the DS does not start, which has not been launched
    . This is because in this project a very twisted system of setting the time has been used, which requires loading two different hexes after each other
    . One of them has a compiled time which sets and thus clears that control bit, and the other one does not do it anymore. To check whether the watch will start inserting into the hexa attachment, which should set you the time at 15:00 with today's date. If at 3:00 PM you upload it, with the backup battery inserted, and then, without turning off the power, you upload the hexa available in the archive on the first page of this topic, the time will be correctly read always.

    However, there is still a modification, which I do not know if I mentioned on the previous pages of the topic. Namely, it is about one resistor pulling the break line from DS. Without it (or without changes in the software) the time, however, will be different from 00:00:80 it will not change. On the photo I marked the resistor in question.

    Spectral clock - Propeller Clock
  • robocp1992
    Level 10  
    Hello, I'm getting to do this clock, but I have a problem getting the LEDs MBI5170. Could someone help me and tell me what I can replace, or indicate an online store where I can get it? Alternatively, if someone knows where to get such drivers in Krakow, I would also be grateful.
  • mlassota
    Level 18  
    Sorry for pasting the link but TU is [/url] - this fits: Integrated circuit MBI-5170GD, 8-channel LED driver, SOP16L-150-1.27
    One more tip - I suggest you choose a diode with the maximum brightness. The diode burns very briefly and the standard ones are no longer visible from a certain distance