[BK7231T] My HTTP server, configurator, MQTT support from Home Assistant

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    It is called safe mode, we have an try in FAQ for that:
    [BK7231T] My HTTP server, configurator, MQTT support from Home Assistant
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    Hello first Post here..
    i run in some issues with my Firmware.
    maybe someone can help me.

    Debug/obj/uart_bk.o: In function `bk_printf':
    C:\CodeProjects\OpenBK7231Tsdk\platforms\bk7231t\bk7231t_os/beken378/driver/uart/uart_bk.c:119: undefined reference to `__wrap_vsnprintf'
    Debug/obj/role_launch.o: In function `rl_write_bssid_info':
    C:\CodeProjects\OpenBK7231Tsdk\platforms\bk7231t\bk7231t_os/beken378/func/joint_up/role_launch.c:60: undefined reference to `__wrap_sprintf'
    Debug/obj/ethernetif.o: In function `low_level_init':
    C:\CodeProjects\OpenBK7231Tsdk\platforms\bk7231t\bk7231t_os/beken378/func/lwip_intf/lwip-2.1.3/port/ethernetif.c:140: undefined reference to `CFG_GetOpenBekenHostName'
    C:\CodeProjects\OpenBK7231Tsdk\platforms\bk7231t\bk7231t_os/beken378/func/lwip_intf/lwip-2.1.3/port/ethernetif.c:144: undefined reference to `__wrap_sprintf'
    Debug/obj/mem.o: In function `mem_overflow_check_raw':
    C:\CodeProjects\OpenBK7231Tsdk\platforms\bk7231t\bk7231t_os/beken378/func/lwip_intf/lwip-2.1.3/src/core/mem.c:108: undefined reference to `__wrap_snprintf'
    C:\CodeProjects\OpenBK7231Tsdk\platforms\bk7231t\bk7231t_os/beken378/func/lwip_intf/lwip-2.1.3/src/core/mem.c:119: undefined reference to `__wrap_snprintf'
    Debug/obj/str_arch.o: In function `os_snprintf':
    C:\CodeProjects\OpenBK7231Tsdk\platforms\bk7231t\bk7231t_os/beken378/os/str_arch.c:79: undefined reference to `__wrap_vsnprintf'
    collect2.exe: error: ld returned 1 exit status
    make[1]: *** [application.mk:778: application] Error 1
    make[1]: Leaving directory '/cygdrive/c/CodeProjects/OpenBK7231Tsdk/platforms/bk7231t/bk7231t_os'
    make: *** [Makefile:5: mp] Error 2
    make: Leaving directory '/cygdrive/c/CodeProjects/OpenBK7231Tsdk/platforms/bk7231t/bk7231t_os'

    Should be the right folder.

    [BK7231T] My HTTP server, configurator, MQTT support from Home Assistant [BK7231T] My HTTP server, configurator, MQTT support from Home Assistant

    I'm on Windows 11. Cygwin installed with following packages:
    [BK7231T] My HTTP server, configurator, MQTT support from Home Assistant

    tried the the demo app and the clean App install from git.

    Also i tried and the
     ./build_app.sh apps/template_demo template_demo 1.0.0 
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    This is because we migrated to the lowweight sprintf wrapper and didn't update the obsolete Beken samples. Why are you trying to compile the template_demo?
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    Hello, as I said - this will not build at the moment, unless you define a stub for sprintf. It's not maintained currently.

    If you want to build something, you should rather try building the main OpenBeken project, which should compile without errors.

    If you need to compile that little sample code, let me know, I can fix it for you, if that's really needed.