[BK7231N] Aubess Mini Switch 16A

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  • This is a short teardown of the Aubess Mini Smart Switch 16A which is based on BK7231N and it uses a custom PCB ,so no Tuya module in there.

    Basic Informations:

    Brand: Aubess
    Model: Aubess Mini Smart Switch 16A
    Chip: BK7231N
    Vendor (that's exactly where i bought it): https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005003631131323.html? <- it's the kind of seller that ask for extra shipping fees,so not really recommend it

    Teardown Photos

    The switch is very easy to open so i wont go into details,but remember,this device it's using high voltage,so make sure it's not connected to the mains.Also ,i took pictures only of the relevant parts.
    [BK7231N] Aubess Mini Switch 16A [BK7231N] Aubess Mini Switch 16A [BK7231N] Aubess Mini Switch 16A [BK7231N] Aubess Mini Switch 16A [BK7231N] Aubess Mini Switch 16A

    Flashing OpenBeken firmware


    USB to TTL adapter
    Soldering Iron
    Soldering skils (not pro level,but still...)
    Magnifying glass or microscope are a plus
    Steady hands :)

    Wiring: -> Check the attached picture to locate the pins on the PCB

    ( PCB ) GND - > GND ( TTL )
    ( PCB ) TX - > RX ( TTL )
    ( PCB ) RX - > TX ( TTL )
    ( PCB ) CEN/EN -> GND ( PCB ) <- CEN must be short to GND only for a second,in order to boot the chip in flash mode

    Flashing: -> In my case the 3.3v pin was not required at all.

    1) Connect GND,RX and TX to the USB TTL then attach the TTL adapter to the PC.
    2) Open BKwriter 1.60 and set the baudrate (see attached picture)
    3) Try to read the flash (if it fails ,then short CEN to GND for a second then try again) <- this will create a backup of the original firmware
    4) After BKwriter has finished the backup,you can proceed with the OpenBeken firmware flashing ,just follow the guide from https://github.com/openshwprojects/OpenBK7231T_App/blob/main/README.md#flashing-for-bk7231n
    5) After flashing Openbeken you should be able to find the quick configuration (i've sent a PR for that) for this device in ; http://[Device_IP] > Config < Quick Config

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    That's a very informative and helpful teardown. Futhermore, from what I see at the moment:
    [BK7231N] Aubess Mini Switch 16A
    The shipping to Poland is free and device is seemingly for only 25PLN (it's about 5$), so it's not that expensive. Of course, we also might need to take that new VAT tax into account...
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    It was "free shipping " when i bought it too,but the seller asked for €0.50 more as extra shipping fee.
    However ,i had an Aliexpress coupon so it was still convenient ,that's why i agreed to pay that extra fee (i usually refuse to pay extra fees )
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    In case someone is interested; here's a config for ESPHome on this switch:

    Code: yaml
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